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But...what is it? Anyone care to guess?
mountain bike?

just a shot in the dark.
The new T-Maxx engine (spy photos)...6,500 to 330mph in 4.5 seconds...there are a FEW problems with it though...

It requires a full support crew and a VERY expensive trailer...and you think current hop-ups are expensive???
i think the law states it was your idea so you have to do it,and report back:banana:
what are LOL ,LMAO. sorry i dont know
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haha easy_maxx i think the law states that i need 5000 - 6000 funding to do that one. Any takers ?? Ill give it ago if u can supply that nice little bundle !
Wow, I think this was my first post here on RCNT
My O-my how things have changed
Ed you diggin it up huh?
...and I haven't posted here in forever...

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