can't stop this...yokomo gt4 pro!

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i appreaciate all the help everyone has given me with buying my nitro tc3. at my club race i got second place. not bad for my first race...and with the stock setup! can't stop this...:banana: i just ordered a gt4 pro from'll post updates on hwo smooth everything goes. o yea i forgot...did u get that view? the back if my tc3 that is....hehe:)
Post a pic of that TC3!!!!!!!! CMON!

Which mill were you running?
i would LOVE to show off my tc3. but as i said b4 my girlfriend doesn't wanna give up that sony mavica. i keep tellin her to just give it early since she told me already. but she goes:"you just want it for those toy cars don't you*insert cute smirk here*" man..she can read my mind. i am running a traxxas 2.5 for bashing and a rb .12 for racing.