busted servo saver?

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what are the symptoms of a broken servo saver? my sreering servo is acting like it is installed on a bent shaft, but when i took off the saver and the little cog the saver fits over it operates smoothly. the other thing i noticed is that the hole in the small cog is drilled off center. would this cause it?
Have you done any work on the front end of your Maxx or hit anything??? Did you try the servo with the servo saver on but not hooked up to the steering???
An off center hole in the cog would cause the servo to run a little rough. You might also check to see if the screws holding the steering system together are too tight. They need to have a little play in them in order for the steering to work properly. Check the drag link as this is the one place that screws tend to fall out or get tightened too too much.
cool folks. i'll try those things and see what happens.
Glad to help, let us know how it turns out.
the servo works fine without the steering hooked up and i don't see anything wrong with the drag link. perhaps i'll try a new servo saver. i almost died of shock yesterday when i went to the hs and they actually had one in stock! i ussually end up waiting 3 weeks on piddly parts like this cause they don't stock anything.
no. it's stock so it should be the right size. i'll check the splines though.
yup. it's the 2055. i had a run away a little while ago and since i've taken everything apart to clean it i've found out that everything in the front end is bent! hinge pins, bulkhead brace screws etc. funny how i thought that nothing had been broken. guess that proves the importance of taking the maxx apart every now and again. the servo saver is just another casualty!