Built La Traxx Rally motor

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So I’ve got a friend of mine who has dumped a ridiculous amount of money in to his rally. It’s got ceramic bearing throughout, metal diff gears, steel shafts, CF everything. There isn’t a part on this thing he hasn’t upgraded…. Besides the motor and esc. With me having done a motor/esc upgrade on both of my slashes, he was asking my opinion on what motor/esc he should go to. And to be honest, I don’t even know where to begin. The thing is super lightweight, so I feel he doesn’t need a lower KV motor to power through high speed gears. But he’s also limited as to the physical size of the battery as well. My personal recommendation is the hobbywing EZrun 18A combo (7800Kv).

With the hobbywing system, he can run up to 3S; giving him 98,280 rpm. Battery will be a maxamps graphine 3S battery.

am I way off on my recommendation?

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