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Even before getting into rc, I've been fascinated with fpv and cinematography drones. Something about getting to see a view no-one else has seen is just too cool.
The problem is that the larger fpv, especially those geared towards racing, have a lot of restrictions as far as where you can fly them and they can be quite dangerous not to mention expensive to repair if you don't know what you're doing. This is what led me to the micro/tiny whoop class drones. Their compact form factor (90mm or less diagonal from prop to prop), lighter weight, lower noise (depending on prop used) and optional saftey bumpers, makes them the ideal quad for those just starting or even those trying to get more fly time in without having to travel to a field.
There lies the next issue, while there are excellent 1s-3s micro quads already in production, they're all around the $90-$110 mark and still require a few mods to be really excellent. So the goal is to take the best pieces from each of the best whoops as well as sourcing better parts where available to create the dream 2s(possibly 3s) micro class for acro/freestyle cruising around playground courses, campground trees and other places it would be impossible to fly a 3inch or larger quad but still be tame enough to be able to downtune some settings to be able to fly it around a home or apartment (even if it's not as nimble as a true tiny whoop would be).
Sorry for the paragraph explanation, here's the good stuff....The Parts!

FRAME: So far I'm stuck between the Pico x and Nano x frames from since kabbobfpv doesn't seem to be restocking anytime soon. While the nano x would be ideal, there's not as many builds on them so durability is unknown and they limit you to a 40mm prop size.
Pico x -
Nano x -

MOTORS : Again, I'm leaning towards flex rc (they've kinda pioneered this form factor) with the FX1103 12500kv Brushless Motor. I feel this will give me a good balance of performance outside and maneuverability indoors. These motors are unfortunately not stocked regularly so an alternative may need to be used. In that case, I'll probably roll with the AMAXinno 1103 7500kv as kababfpv seems to like em but these would only work on the Pico frame since I'd need a larger prop.

Fx1103 motors -

AMAX 1103 motors -<x>ame-3_8g-p-1425969.html?akmClientCountry=America&

CAMERA : I like the Caddx turtle v2, but I'm still looking into this. I'm torn on the weight vs picture quality of this build and the turtle is about 3 times as heavy as the caddx turbo eos2. May go with the lighter cheaper camera but i like the idea of dvr on a micro for getting cool air shots at festivals and whatnot. I'd like to do a low profile mount but it'll probably just be mounted on top like most whoops.

Caddx camera -

FLIGHT CONTROLLER - Eachine Crazybee F4 flight controller. Theyre used in a ton of builds and seem to be pretty rock solid.
Crazybee F4 -

RX -Frsky XM plus because well, it's tiny, light and feature packed and I fly a Frsky X-lite controller

Frysky xm plus -
ESC - Speedix IS20 4 in 1 20a esc. Seems to be the best option that will allow 3s if wanted.

Speedix Is20 -

VTX - I actually kinda like the vtx on the eachine trashcan since it's 25mw/200mw switchable and it's super tiny but I'm open to suggestions on this one. Still researching for small options that may go higher than 200mw without being too heavy.

Trashcan vtx -

Gonna have to play around with props, batteries and antenna but leaning towards 3-5 blade props due to noise concerns and frame choice however if the performance difference is huge I may just go with the Pico frame and the dual blade king kong props. I may also go with a prebuilt FC stack to make things easier but havent found one i like yet. Batteries will be comnected using xt30. I'll also have a tiny buzzer on em because these small guys get lost easily lol

All I'm all, with batteries and props it's lookin to be about a $220-$250 build but should be overengineered enough to be super fun and durable for anyone to use.

Anyways, that's all for now. What do you guys think? Will this be a fun little zipper indoors and out or will it handle like a bloated whale? Are there any parts you would change or suggest adding? If so, what would you change and why?

Thanks for reading if you made it through all that! I look forward to any opinions!
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