Building a .21 MAXX

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I am working on piecing together an Al/Tn .21 MAXX. Any recommendations from you SuperMaxx types and other .21 Maxxers would be welcome. Any suggestions on parts, goods, bads, others. Any motor preferences (I am hoping for a .21 Fantom to hit the streets before I complete my MAXX).

Thanks in advance (FYI I am searching the TRAXXAS Forum for info, too)
on the traxxas forum the guy "idontknow" bought a .21 os ported by jesse supermaxx,he has replaced lots of goodies cos they broke.he will be able to help you out.
1:8 diffs,GA bulks,tougher drive train are a good starting point
Good question, I'm about to do the same. I believe I'm going to start with Hardcore's conversion kit and go from there. Any suggestions guys?
full supermaxx,or H-G,now have you ever seen a full H-G,i bet that is sexy.
Easy...thanks for the tipper. I'll be looking into "Idontknow"'s posts.

I haven't come across a full SuperMaxx, and I'm not quite sure what a H-G is:confused:, but if it might be sexy then it might be worth a go... :D

they have adverts in rc nitro,showing a chassis a arms and skids all assembled,cool or what.i`ll have a look and see what i can find.
rc nitro apr 2002,page8 shows some,
i have their chassis it is well cool.
i`ll pm you IDK`s e-mail addy if you like
Just got done visiting H-G' site. Thanks for the link. That is definitely some sweet looking hardware (sexy for sure). If that stuff was .21 MAXX stuff, I'd be all over it. Heck I'm thinking about it for my regular MAXX. I like the A-Arms, Chassis braces, and Chassis Plate. The center skid looks nice, too. I think I'll stick with the stock plastic skids for front and rear. I've bent, unbent, rebent, etc. too many times on my Al skids.

Thanks again Easy for all of the information. IDK's e-mail would be a welcome addition (if you don't think he'll mind.).
no worries i have spoken to him and it is ok for me to pm you his addy.

Maxxed Power

bottom of the page gold hummer,there are 2 lots of photos
Thanks for the address, both IDK's and the site address. The hummers look great.
i thought it would be cheaper to ask him what has broken,as to save you buying weak parts that will break under the strain of a big mill.
That makes sense...I just have to decide which version of "SuperMaxx" I'm going to create. There are quite a few options open to is nice to have a couple of grand to blow on something like this...
Is this to keep up with me? Remember I don't have a wife anymore so no one can tell me what I can or can't spend my money on aside from myself.
Not plans were in the works before you even bought your first Maxx...I just had to wait for the money...
their ofna 1:8 shocks,and the 1:8 diffs,along with G.A. bulks,or Hardcore,or new era,thier chassis+10mm gearbox.this sexy kit along with the susp of your choice will be a great foundation for any big mill you can throw at it.
is it gonna be as much eye candy or racer or basher.

i hope you have voted on the home page for thr new forum,supermaxx is one of the choices:banana:
I don't believe an RC was meant to be eye candy...I plan on making it pretty, and then bashing the hell out of it...:banana:

And maybe out race El Pirata just because I can...:D
you`d be welcome in our posse then,had any deffinate ideas on parts you`ll be using?
See below...double posted somehow...
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A healthy mixture of Unlimited Engineering (their stage 3 chassis kit and their stage 3 ext suspension kit) and Hardcore Racing pieces parts (purple in color, bulkheads, bulkhead braces, skid plates (Ti), tranny kit, diff casings, etc.), Progressive Suspension's shock kit with piggy back reservoirs (will probably stick with Trinity Springs), RRP spurs, Racer's Edge Clutch, Fantom .21 motor, whoever makes Ti axles for all areas (center, front and rear...a set of Ti CVDs would be nice)...I'm sure there are a few things I'm missing, but that's the list of the big stuff for now...Oh, yeah...Lynx 3D radio, HiTec Digital servos for all, 1100Nimh hump pack, probably use plastic cases where applicable for receiver box and battery pack if needed (then again I may go Al there also). I may look into mounting two fuel tanks. The header and pipe are still a question mark due to my desire for the Fantom motor and there being a lack of information on its particulars (exhaust set up...rear or side...I suspect rear). Also looking for the best set of gears...tranny and diffs.
i guess it was more than a passing fad then,good list and dont forget good diff gears and transmission too,to save money later rather than now:banana:
bagsy you send me pics when done:D