Buggies Rule!

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I've got a GS Storm...so far so good (except for finding a spur drive gear)...

Who else has 'em and what do you have?
yea buggys rule
I have a 9.5 pro its an awesome buggy I have a RZ v01b in it and this thing flies but I need new tire and I'm trying to decide on some
Use this search on E-Bay...

There are TONS of tire sets...many brand new, usually for a steal on E-Bay...use this link and save the search...

Hmm...well I tried to post a link to the search but it did not work right...

Do a search and plug this in to the title:

(tire,tires) -(touring,truck,tmaxx,t-maxx,rs4)

I have one as well!

I have a Ofna Ultra GT LX that I just got last month. So far I am very pleased with it. Only thing I have broke so far is a wing. I am running a Ofna Hyper .21 and boy is this puppy fast.
I would love to see what it can do with a 2speed.

Here is a pic :)

Nice looking car blacktiger. You guys are making me want a 1/8th scale buggy now.

I think buggies are a hole lotta fun:) I have a ofna ultra mbx that I'm slowly building up.
Well, I hope they rule. I plan on getting my Storm going for the first time this weekend. Can hardly wait.
I have an Mbx-4 XR works. I'm running an ofna-picco o-1 comp in it w/ an rb o86 1 piece pipe. I love this buggy, its crazy fast and I haven't broken a part yet.