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I'm an avid T-Maxxer, but Electric Newbie, so forgive me if this sounds stupid, but...
1)What exactly is a brushless motor?
2)How does "number of turns" effect proformance/run time?
3)What is the advantage of a electronic vs mechanical Speed control?

My son has a Banditt and we need to learn some things.

Thanks in advance!
not knowing the exact build of one i cannot explain fully,but a brushless motor has no brushes to slow it down by friction,more battery power is going into propelling the truck and not heating the motor.
the more times the motor turns the more times the wheels turn.
To the best of my knowldge, a brushless motor is like a regular motor turned inside out. The winds are embedded in the case. and the armature holds the magnets. Brushes are not necessary because the winds are energized directly via hardwires. The only thing the arm needs to do is to spin in the energy field. Hang it on bearing and there's minimal friction. Easier maintenance. Better power and efficiency. I hear they fly!!!!
Guys thank you for the responces. But forgive my ignorance, are you saying rather then spinning the armature aroung the magnet, the magnet spins through the magnetic field created by the coils? I'm sorry if this sounds dence, but I really want to understand what the difference is. Thanks again:banana:

(Sorry, I gotta get a banana in there somewhere!)
Essentially. On a standard brushed motor, the can has the magnets and the armature has the coils. In a brushless, the can has the coils and the armature has the magnets. The timed electric current which is usually regulated by the brushes and commutator is now controlled by an advanced ESC which switches the current as needed. So yes, the magnets now spin in the field created by the wires attached to the can.

If you want to read more, this is the only site I could find:
I'd like to stick one in my legends car, That would be fun:)
Candyman, Thanks for the link:cool: That was a great article for me. I now understand that I would need a rather sophicated ESC to run a brushless motor. But it should be well worth it. I would imagine that along with the greater efficiencies, you would get a longer run time for the same power output. Have you run one?
Hey Dominator, Legends Car?????? What do you have? ( I like the Willys!!:cool:
Nope. Never run one. I have been "back" in the hobby for about 3 years and only run nitro. I used to race an Associated RC12E back in school. Makes me sound old. Back then, ESC's didn't exist. And we only had 3 or 4 choices in motors. If I do take a step to electric (most likely an E-Maxx) I would entertain the notion. A few guys have said a Maxx will top 40 with a single brushless. Can you imagine 2?

They do say the motor is more efficient. Upwards of 90%. And there are a lot more companies making them. I know Novak does with their own ESC to control it. I believe Aveox is another name in that field, too. Soon enough they'll probably be much more affordable.
I have seen one brushless setup in an AE T4 in stock mod and they guy flew in the stock truck class so they kicked him up to pro stock truck to make things fair...the guy could pull wheelies on command and fly up the straights smoking everyone even the sponsored drivers....too bad the guy sucked at driving. The run time is much longer too so you do not need to worry about dumping near the end of the race.

I am thinking about getting a pair for my B4 & T4.