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I was reading in my Rc car mag that the brushless electric can produce nearly 1 hp , how good is that !!>? and also between 40000 to 60000 RPM . Apparantly also that with ne other conventional electric engine that only 60 % of the battery is going into the engine and the rest is going into heat and friction though with the brushless u can increase that figure to 90 % or more, meaning longer runtimes. Though another thing is that u do need a special kind of ESC , because it has something to with the timing of the engine and the high amounts of high voltage spikes when applying "brakes" causing the ESC to possibly shut down.


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last sunday i clocked a single brushless motor with 18 cells doing 45mph,this was as he was slowing cos a tyre came off.i used my quicksilver gun.the setup he had was not alot of money either.

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