Sold / Found Brand New ofna Hyper .21 engine and more f/s

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Brand new Ofna hyper .21 P/S for sale. Engine has never been ran, bought it, thinking i was going to convert to MP setup but lost interest altogether.

Brand New Hyper engine P/S $115.00

Brand New Ofna engine mounts $13.00

Brand New Ofna MP tranny $40.00
Used t-maxx front end $40.00

Used t-maxx rear end $40.00
**** Both front and rear end are complete sets, they include the wheels, rims(dyed red as in pic of rollcage) shocks etc. they are fully complete and in good condition*****

t-maxx roll cage $60.00

Ofna exhaust, filter, and spare parts $30.00

Brand New Ofna fuel tank $10.00

T-maxx spare parts $25.00
- 2 front skid plates
- 1 rear skid plate
- 4 shock towers
- 2 sets of stock a-arms NIP
- 5 lower a-arms
- 3 upper a-arms
- 3 chassis braces
- 1 battery box
- 8 shocks( no springs or lower retainers)
- 1 diff case
- 1 set of front and rear bumpers

Primerless t-maxx fuel tank $ 9.00

Ofna center drive cups $7.00

I accept paypal

i will be out of town for the next 4 days so leave emails for me at

email: [email protected]
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