Brakes on my RS4 3

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Well, it struck. The dreaded stock plastic brake disc. I was out running my RS4 3. Just doing some speed runs. I have it set for 0 drag brake. I was just doing loops back and forth. One run, the thing just stops. Engine is running. Drivetrain is frozen. I let it cook and take it apart. Turns out the disc is melted to one of the pads. YUK! So I took it all apart. Unstuck everything. And sanded the pad. Re-trued it since I have no way of getting a new one. Then, when I reassembled it, I remembered a mod I saw somewhere. I think El Pirata had quoted it somewhere, but I don't remember for sure. Before I rebuilt the brake assembly, I cut 2 short segments of an old ballpoint pen spring. I put one on each screw between each brake pad. Then I put it all back together. I have to say the brake works sooooo much better now! I was able to really screw the brake adjuster in a lot to get the brake back in line. That makes me feel better since they are notorious for falling off. I ran it and first off the drivetrain is so much freer. I really spins. And the brake is smooth. I love it!!! I recommend this to everyone!

P.S. I did the same to my Maxx. Takes only a few minutes and well worth it!
Hey candyman , have you ever thought of hot bodies dual disk brake conversion? I have and it rocks! There is no burnt plastic plus it looks dope. THe stopping power is off the hook!
hey, jon2..... u got a pic of that HB dual disk installed??? iv'e seen it before... kit comes with 2 discs,2 pads... what goes between the 2 discs? a bare metal pad? their website was not very helpful,yet the product looks cool...
Hey roadrunner I do not have a digital camera..I know Iknow but I am saving for a really nice camera. I placed tibing for spacing and it works great. The disks are slotted and vented. Did you know that? Do you have a rtr3? I f you do what do you have on yours?
jon,... i have the SS kit... i'm not new 2 nitro, but i'm new to on road.... all i have is a THS exhaust system and new RPM Vortex wheels (dyed jet black) with Medial Pro foamless tires.. i have yet to run it with the pipe and tires as it has been raining here for almost a week with more rain in the forcast.. hopefully, i can get a few runs in tommorrow.. as far as that brake set-up... yes i've seen it.., but it comes with 2 pads and 2 discs.. should'nt there be a pad in the middle of the 2 discs???
yes there issorry I failed to mention that..I have a rtr3 only but hoppedmore than a type ss. I am running the stock tires but have the hot bodies dual disk brakes, an AE GT pipe# 7730, and a few aluminum parts. I want to play with the gears but I want to fine tune my old fe and my 12rss. I am currently looking for the OS 10E carb . Do you have one I can buy?
thx... and good luck findin that carb.... sorry to say, but if i had one, i'de keep it for myself....
Hey, I have the SS to. It is a good car. I have an OS rear exhaust engine in it. (.12) My car does 56.43 MPH and I can pull it down from that speed in 12ft from full throttle without locking up the tires. I have the stock calipers, and a light weight vented brake disk. I race it and it is the best brake system a lot of people at my track have seen.
If you run cheap treaded tires, it might be hard, but I run really good slicks, and they improve handling and braking speed. If you lock up the brake, the car is out of control, if it is braking hard (just before it locks up) that is the best.
Hope this helps
My point is, don't spend lots without experimenting with stock parts. They can work just as good for less the price if you can fabricate and use your head a little.
Have fun and race safe!!!
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