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This is my R/C and Mountain Bike work area in my garage.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor
Old Sony Receiver
Bose Bookshelf Speakers
Black and Decker Rotary Tool
Mega Parts Bin/File Cabinet
Multiple Tool Boxes and parts bins
Including the very cool double stacking/rolling toolbox!
Multiple Halogen spot work light
Duratrax workstand
I just dropped in a big old shop light overhead too. 005.jpg 009.jpg

haha, his woman has him in the attic! :D

ohh and BOOOO on the gateway computer!


Attic? Ha! That's the 3rd bay side of my 3.5 car garage for those of you that are counting...

OK - Yep Gateway's just an old hulk taking up space...Dell ruleZ!!

Here's a pic from the outside...that's my nine year old son hamming it up for the camera...the door that's closed houses the garage!


I TRY to keep it pretty clean...but of course I had to tidy it up and arrange it all for show.
Blue Sky

Yep, the sky is awesome...tell you what wasn't so blue for a while with the forest fires. It was unbelievable how grey, paltry and downright stinky it was for a few weeks...I mean, we had ASH falling out of the sky like it was a nuclear it was creepy!

It's all clear now...we're still missing something that you lowlanders have though...AIR DENSITY! It kills my nitro engines! They lose about 30% of their power just due to the altitude - it's crazy.

That is hilarious!

I'm looking at the pics...checking out what's on your computer screen...and its a picture of my R/C Garage!!

Too cool!
it had to be done..i was looking at your thread and thought "so you want a R/C workshop war",and took some photos.they were taken in a hurry so are not too good,but it gives you an idea.

what you see on my pc is part of my shrine to you;)
Your shop looks great...clean an spacious! Shrine!?? I should be shrining you...Mr 200 plus posts!
thanks..your shop is as big isn`t it,mine is almost sorted out just tidying up wires for the pc,tv,video,and hifi.i have got a refrigerator and freezer in there too for my bud ice and goodies.
also there is a kettle tea and coffee etc. in is my second den:banana:
Perfect....I imagine a flat screen TV on the facing wall??
My workbench is on wheels. I had to move it out of the way for the photos.

I'm not going to show you whare I keep the spair parts.
Eddy is that why they call you fast,cos when you need to go you need to go.
wow that can has everything except toilet roll:D
Heheheh almost makes me wonder what Eddies bedroom looks like?!?!?! Electronics and all hehehehe

Hey Easy - Who did the landscaping in your yard????? I LOVE IT MAN! Giving me ideas...... Man, more money spent! THANKS!
i did the yard myself,thanks for the coment.i hope to see photos of yous too when it is done.
Well fly on over to the states. Ill take you to Niagara Falls and for some of the best fishing in your life (freshwater) and you can help me with the landscape.


Oh yeah, you can stay at my pad :)