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I just got a used one and it is sweet. I only ran it once on a already charged battery and it does donuts and burnouts on command and doesn't flip:D(I'm used to my T-maxx) Now i need to wait another day to run it cause i don't have a charger:(
I should have some pics up in a while:)
they look cool are they very fast,they are set for track racing aren`t they.i look foward to the pics.
My $80 charger has to be sent back and i can't find any batteries for my camera:mad: i8'll get some pics up soon, hopefully:banana:
i lok foward to seeing it,i think they are cool looking.what sort of speed do they do.
they are a little faster than a T at first but after a min or to it is just about as fast and have awesome acceleration:)
is is a single motor,and how many cells does it take,they are also done in nitro now aren`t they
thanks for the photos,it looks easy to work on and light.ant thoughts on making it four wheel drive;)
I raced it and i got 2nd:banana: Its a ot of fun:)
that is well cool,were you racing other legends or an open electric class,well done on that.any mods to be done before the next race,maybe a win:banana:
I race other legends. I got to replace the hub cause my wheel pops off. There are not any mods i can do cause then it won't be spec legal
well done then if you just got it and did so well against others with the same kit:)
I was surprised at how good i did. i'm goin for first next time
are you racing this weekend,if so dont use the tank cos it is not Bolink:)
Hopefully, I need to get a new hub and solder a bunch of stuff. I think i'll be ready though:banana: