Bodies by Heisenburg 2010 Camaro Cop undercover from Need for Speed Rivals

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RCNT Qualifier
New England
RC Driving Style
I played most of the game "Need for Speed Rivals" driving a 2010 Camaro undercover cop. It could sneak up on racers without alerting them, then, on come the lights and sirens, and it's on! I built 2 of them, because the 1st attempt was when I was new at this, and made a lot of mistakes, including letting my soldering iron fall onto it and "battle damaged" the rear bumper. Strobes and blinking lites are in the front and rear windows, and there are wig wag turn signals and tail lights, apart from the main lights. The reverse lites blink as well, for a totally random effect. The siren also comes on with the lites, so I can begin my pursuit. The wing on the 2016 built helps distract from the bumper damage. Evil doers beware.


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