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Best Tmaxx Ever

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Hey this thread is much the same as the one in the small blocks section of this forum but in big block form, i prefer big block over small so i thought that i would start one in here. Let us know of what u recon the best and worst big block is.

I can only go best and say OFNA FORCE hyper .21 and the O.S .21 RG , theres more but thats all i can think of at the moment!


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my friend has the os.21RG ported by jesse,the only problem is that it is in a full supermaxx so we cannot see how powerful it is cos the beast is so still stomps along at a fair rate though.


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Ofna Hyper .21

My experience with the Hyper .21 has been awesome.

Tons of power, runs cool, idles like a purring kitten and screams like a scalded ape when you jam the throttle.


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Force .25...

Can't wait to see a review or get my hands on the new Ofna Force .25!! Bigger and badder than the XTM .247

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