best or worst small blocks

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which small block have you found to be the most reliable or long lived,and which will you avoid from now on.
i have only used os .15 cvrx (2 of them) and my wifes trx pro.
10/10 for the cvrx. 9/10 for the trx pro as it is over 2 years old.
I have a .12 CV-RX in my HPI truck and love it. Reliable, quick, and holds a tune very well. The TRX engines in my Maxx and Pede have also been good to me.
I've used the TRX in my Maxx and it's not bad. I also have the AE/TTR .15 in my GT and that has been very good. Easy to dial in and stable. My .15FE's that I've had in 2 different RS4's were also good. They came with single needle carbs so they were easy to tune. Not high performers, though. But still fun.
call me old fashion, but i still use the traxxas stock engine, and have no problems with it.

I'm with you there, WoodiE. I don't think the TRX is horrible. Has been good for me. I ported it last weekend and it's still doing fine. My only complaint is with the fact that you have to flip the carb to get to the LSN. Just haven't been able to get to my LHS (2 hours away, real Local...) to get supplies for a new linkage. Otherwise it's a good little engine.
The first TRX I had the crankshaft broke at about two gallons, my second one is still goin' strong after about 1gal. They were both very easy to tune and hold it very well.

do any of you think that a person finds a mill he/she can get on with and then says that one is best. like being used to one mill and getting another finding it hard to dial it in right,this would mean it is their ability in question not the power of the mill.
For non RC cars the O.S .25 and the O.S 15 have been 2 of the best engines i have owned , They are still going strong after 16 years!.
16 years? how many re-builds or new parts.are they used on a regular basis.
do they have names they must feel like part of the family:)
so does it mean ....OS are the daddies of rc mills,i`d say so:banana:
My stock TRX only lasted three months and the rod came apart, I will say Traxxas customer service is great, I sent it to them and ten days later it came back to me with a new piston sleeve rod glow plug and clutch nut all for FREE! However I am getting ready to install my OS CVX 15 I just finished building. I can't wait to see the difference.
it is good to hear service like that,while it is not the best mill in the world they do seem to look after you if it goes wrong.and offer the exchange programme also.
My TRX was a good engine. I liked it a lot. Then I got my Fantom. It's been a love/hate relationship. I loved it at first, then had some major carb problems and hated it. Then I put my TRX carb on and I'm in love again!!
matts pretend you have not got a fantom,life will be much easier and more fun dude,or even get 2 hp out of a .15 cvrx as i was told yesterday:D
O.S. make some of the best engines out there Iv run them for along time and can't say nothing bad about them, they hold a tune well, start easy, and they last along time. Right now I'm running a Fantom and its starting to catch up to any O.S. Iv ever run as far as its quality and ease of tuning.
Hunter would you agree with me in saying that half the problems people have with mills is that the mill in question does not suit them,by this i mean somepme who uses a brand of mill for sometime then changes model or brand,cannot get comfortable with tuning it,or setting it up to get the best out of it.
i realise the variables are huge in the fact fuel,filters,headers,tuned pipes,and climate can vary hugely.
Easy-Maxx what your saying is all to true, some people get to liking one engine or brand of engine and just can't get the hang of tuning some other brand of engine.
i do not know of anyone having temp problems with their cvrx`s over this side of the pond.