Best monster truck out there?

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As title says whats the best one i have a nitro rustler and 4tec and just wondering is the tmaxx the best way to go or not ? buying one in the next few months i hope and still trying to make up my mind thx

That's kinda tough to say with so many of them out now. I have 2 T-Maxxes and love them. I can't really say on any of the others as I haven't tried them. do you want big block power right out of the box? do you want 1\10 scale or 1\8 scale? do you want easily available replacement parts? do you want great factory support and customer service? alot of questions you need to answer.

while you are thinking of your answer's, have a cold one on me :cheers:
replacment parts is a big on big block power isnt a biggie to scale I'm not real sure which i want .. of course a lot of hop up are a must ..

ya hear good and bad about the tmaxx along with every other truck

I'm leaning towards the tmaxx probley a older one but thought i should get some opinions .:banana:

Thx Rob

Have 2 or 3 cold ones on me

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Out of the box the Savage 21 looks promising. I want to get one when they are released but I need to save my money to get my gf and her son here from South America.
How could you rate the Savage second when it isn't even out yet?

Anyways, I had a Tmaxx that I really enjoyed. A good all around truck. Yes, it has it's issues but name one that doesn't. I sold the maxx and bought a Mad Force. Haven't regretted it yet. The MF is a bruiser. Plenty of power right out of the box. Not much that it can't run over, or through. Parts are hard to come by, but I have only needed to replace one part so far. Aftermarket parts for the MF are becoming more readily available. The new Maxx is supposed to be a better truck than the last, but I haven't seen one run yet. The Maxx handles better than the MF. The MF is more realistic and looks like a monster truck. Maxx is more race inspired and the MF is more monster truck inspired. I don't think you could go wrong with either, both are alot of fun to drive.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record...

I have a T-Maxx, and it is one awesome RC. It was my first venture into offroad RCs and my first Monster Truck RC. I'll stand by it as a great choice.

My next purchase will most likely be a Savage. It looks like an awesome addition to the 1/8 scale trucks. It is parts compatible with the T-Maxx; this makes it even more attractive to me as I don't have to buy two separate caches of spare parts locker for both trucks. Can't beat that.

If my pockets get deep enough again, I may build myself up a SuperMaxx. That dream died around the time the new twins in my family needed high chairs, new car seats, and a plethora of other baby related stuff.
Originally posted by SkyMaxx
If my pockets get deep enough again, I may build myself up a SuperMaxx. That dream died around the time the new twins in my family needed high chairs, new car seats, and a plethora of other baby related stuff.

Skymaxx, I have twins also, mine will be a year old at the end of this month, I bet we could swap some baby stories
Ohhhh....the stories we could tell...sometimes I feel like I just got off the bus in the Twilight Zone.
havent heard of the savage who makes it ? sounds like it would be nice if it and tmax parts are interchangeable there 2 lhs near me both have decent amount of parts both say the tmaxx is the best seller they have in monster trucks


thx Rob

HPI makes the savage, look on the front page of this site and you will see a pic of it
The T-Maxx is the most prolific RC MT on the market, but it is going to get competition from all quarters as other manufacturers come out with better and better clones...or even improvements on the original.
I want to try that new Ofna monster truck it looks like it might be fun.
Reading about the savage makes me want of of those looks like a bad ass ride granted i have 2 traxxas but it just grabs me and says buy me buy me

Join the if TRAXXAS had only read the writing on the wall and come out with a 1/8 .21 T-Maxx instead of their 2.5 Maxx, I think there would be a whole new crowd of TRAXXAS fans...idle speculation...
SkyMaxx you know they can't read over there:doh:
boy its a toss up i lokked at the ofna titan tower lists it for over 700 dead presidents where as the savage is little more than a tmaxx hum tough choices maybe 1 or each eventally .. i guess ill ask anther question how has Hpi's realibilty been or i should say quailty of product?

rhx for all the help


I have heard MANY good things about HPI all around, even support!

HPI does make good cars from what Iv seen but this truck is new and for the most part untested. Id want to see one up close before buying one.
i can rember the same situ about the TT-EK4,wow that baby was pumped up to be great.where is it now? i have seen 2 in action and feel so happy i did not get one:spidey: