Basic BEC info and how to wire one up.

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This is my latest how to video. Its just some basic BEC info and how to wire one up. I had some folks on FB asking me questions about BECs so I thought I would do a video for newer folks who have never dealt with BECs before. If you like my channel please subscibe and share them with anyone that might like them or might find them useful. I'm starting to plug the website as a way for people to get ahold of me so maybe I can not only get more subscibers from here but maybe we can get some new members here as well.

I have a two videos coming out soon that deal with converting an ATX PSU to a power source useful for DC lipo chargers. One video is going to be a short a sweet toutorial for those folks that are technically inclinded and only need the most basic of information in order to do the mod....the other video is going to be a very lengthy set of videos for people who know nothing about PSUs, LEDs, Resistors, and the will be a series of videos that will litteraly walk someone through each and every step of the process and explain not only what needs to be done but why, how, where etc :) So be on the look out for those :)

In the mean time here the link for the BEC video. :)

[ame=""]BEC 101.avi - YouTube[/ame]
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