Bashing with SKYMAXX (Pic Intensive)

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El Pirata

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  1. Bashing

Tower, request permission to take off on runway 002A.

Sky and his Maxx, AIRBORNE!

Mayday. Goin down.
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One of my favorite pics I took this afternoon. I was lying on my back at the back side of the jump praying Sky didn't lose control.

You can even see the slight hazy trail from the dirt coming off his tires.
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Through the puddle.

Splash! Where's Daryl Hannah?

Oh yeah, thanks to Matt for making the jump as well as stopping by and lengthening the approach for us with the dozer.
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I was better in person. I wish I had Sky take some pics of mine while it was running, poorly at that.
Looks like you had fun, think a boat would have been better :)
I didn't think it rained over there :p
Yeah the Communistwealth had a storm last night. I knocked out the power in my place for a few minutes too.
Originally posted by matts6887
Ah......I see now.....ya I guess if the servos had water getting inside them.....yea i could see how that would definately cause a problem
Sky might have fried his new digital servo too.
My pics are going to be added sometime soon...I don't have nearly as many as El Pirata due to the fact that I spent more time driving. He had some issues that kept him busy trying to fix his beast.

As for the servos, they all check good, but the reverse/forward switching servo has a crease in its wires causing it to glitch beyond use. The rest of the electrics dried out okay...I may end up replacing the lot just for good measure though.

As for the bash turned into more of a flying session. I did learn one valuable lesson: The T is great as an airplane, but not so good as a submarine...had it walk on water the first pass, but it settled right in on the second pass and that was the end of the electrics for the day...
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Great pics, looks like a lot of fun. Had some great air shots. How where the landings though:eek:
I'll probably take more pics the next time. Some of the landings were really ugly while others rocked! I really liked the new look to Sky's body after yesterday!
Very cool pics guys! Now I know where the name "Sky"Maxx comes from!! It Looks like a pretty good place to bash too. (Probably better when dry though;) ) Where in VA are you guys from? I'm in NC. Not too far maybe........
The coast. Hamptom Roads area. He lives in Va Beach and I live in Newport News. We were bashing on Fort Useless in my cargo yard.
Yea, I was afraid of that. That's about a 7 hour drive. Oh well, I can still enjoy your pics!!:)
Originally posted by sykotyk
Great pics, looks like a lot of fun. Had some great air shots. How where the landings though:eek:

Nailed most of the landings...either on all fours or on the lid, but they were all solid. Had a few tumblers that ended up on all fours. They would have been good to catch with the video camera. We'll see next time.
From Michigan...about 12 hours. I do Cleveland, OH in about 9 hours.