Bashing with Sky, Part II

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Originally posted by matts6887
I noticed that last pic where it looked like part of the dogbone on the cvd and/or shock just like popped off like that.....hopefully its a easy and inexpensive fix......looks fun nontheless though......for sure :)

That's my Maxx, and the final damage on that rear quarter is two shocks needing a rebuild and the MIP CVD re-installed. That's the dogbone you see in the picture.

What you may not notice is the inside shock has what looks like no shaft...that is because the bottom rod end has let go and the shock shaft is fully compressed. Same on the outside shock, only the shock isn't so compressed.

Bottom line on that...looks like the springs either pushed the rod ends off the shaft or they somehow worked themselves loose. Only lost one spring retainer and one 1/2" length of fuel tubing (bump stop)...I have the other one. A little time and a little silicone to refill the shock body, and I should be right as rain.

The list of damages:
One slightly crushed and cracked body (bad day for landings, nuff said--pulled out the crushed portions, the cracks...well they remain...this body was destined for destruction, no tears still has life left in it and will be used until it disintegrates)
One set of front body posts (sheared at the shock tower--still had a couple of holes above the tower, so lowered the front end and continued the day).
One rear center line drive shaft (overtorqued just like before...the video of this letting go will be posted when I'm done with it--had Pirata's shaft from the previous bash session...the picture of me with T nose down in the Jeep is the repair).
One Motor Saver Air Filter continually popping off (I had done some work on it this past week, zip tie wasn't tight enough--new ziptie and right as damage to the Fantom)
The picture says it all (right rear quarter suspension blown damage all needed a new bottom spring retainer)

Cost of this adventure will be under $20 for necessities, about $50 for spare parts for the next adventure
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Wish I new...All I know is the landings were not so smooth this weekend. A few hardcore cartwheels and some top down landings. I'm guessing that the springs coupled with an abusive landing forced the rod ends to let go, and the rest is in the photo...

As for cost....yes, I once again escape without any real damage...I usually spend about $100-$200 everytime I go into my LHS, that is what allows me to do field repairs and stay running....that and a healthy stash of the stock parts I have replaced with hop-ups. That stash has taken a beating in the last two weeks, and I need to rebuild it.
Originally posted by matts6887
$100-$200??? One word describes that: OUCH; well; for at least one time I'm included in the "Ouch"; when I dropped $735 for that 1/8 buggy and some other things; even though its been a week since I did that; my checking acct. still isnt liking me right now, LOL :D

You're talking about one time shots; I'm talking about a weekly's an expensive hobby and much like an adiction, it needs to be fed to be truly enjoyed...:devious:
God Bless the LHS! For without them I am lost :banana:

Its almost like walking into the Canadian Ballet. You just HAVE TO spend money hehehe.....

I'm in need of a Camera Man. Darth???? Darth!!!! Oh Darrrrrrtttttttthhhhhhh!!!!!!!! We really need to get together and bash. How about tomorrow?

I must apologize now. :depress:

Here's the site with some pics of Pirata's T in action:

Do not be disappointed by the lack of pics. I had a rough time keeping my T together, and spent alot more time behind a tool than behind the digital camera. :mad: Pirata and I traded places for a little this weekend.

I do have about 5GB of video that I need to edit and post. :D

The problem is that my current server subscription is limited to 20MB (I thought it was 100MB; I was wrong) way not enough to do any kind of justice to the Pirata. My limit ups to 200MB on 1 September with a planned upgrade. I will edit smartly between now and then (only 1 little week away), and post the vids then. I apologize now, because I know there were some of you expecting big things...I will more than make up for it in a week