Balance board charging.

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I have a Hyperion eos0606i charger, and 2 2S 5200MAH lipo's, and, my question is, can I charge both batteries at the same time using the charger I have, and this balance board: FPVKing T Plug Deans Parallel Charge Board 2S-6S Lipo Balance Charging Board for Imax B6 B6AC Charger Expansion Board
Next question, how would I set up the charger to charge both batteries at once?
Yes you can charge as many batteries you want at the same time with one or more para-boards, however your charger is limited to 6A output so if you charge 2 packs at 6A that will be 6A / (2 x 5.2Ah) = 0.58C

Generally you want to charge Lipos at 1C or 1 times the capacity of the cells