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I was able to get my Tenacity issues resolved and they actually sent me a new truck. They agreed there were issues with it from day 1.

The new truck is amazing. I knew my other one had issues but this one is spot on. I am very happy.

While my Tenacity was away I picked up a 22s for my daughter and I to drive. Today was the first real day driving it and it two is very and and I am extremely happy with Losi and Horizon.

Now for my question. Since both my controllers can only run 1 car without binding and unbundling- what is the best way to carry transmitters, especially when you have 2. I am not a fashion person, I am more practical, however without a transmitter you for nothing and they are not cheap to replace. Once I get a third truck I will think about a new transmitter, but I want my daughter to be able drive ar the same time.

I have been looking buta back pack may be best- do they have to be totally padded or just protected from hitting each other!

thank you again!

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