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Green Bay, WI
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Stuck with a decision to make, and I'm really not sure how I want to go about this. When I built the Flux HP/XL, I used the RC8T hexes that extended the width by about an inch overall. The problem i had with those is that I lost a pin after the retainer ring shifted. I now longer want to use those. I picked up a set of Warlock wheel wide hexes.

Now I could easily just pull the old hexes off, and put the warlock hexes on, however to make the RC8T hexes fit with the right pins, I had to drill out the axle, meaning it will be weaker and have some slop with the Warlock's pins. I'd rather just replace them.

So now I have choice. Do I get the standard super heavy duty axles, or do I get the XL super heavy duty axles, which will add 15mm per side. The warlock's already add 5mm per side.

15mm = ~.59 inches
5mm = ~.19 inches
20mm = ~.78 inches

So where I had about one inch overall before, I would now have about one and a half inches overall with the XL axles, or just under half an inch overall with the standard axles.

One thing to consider is this: Will the XL axles have the strength? Anybody have issues with snapping them off?