Axial AX24 scratch build

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Brotha, you just designed a completely new RC.
I wish I would have been a bit more traditional. This is the hardest build I've attempted. Tons of hacking, chopping, tearing apart, reassembling and copious use of adult words. :mad:
Trying to mix SCX24 and AX24 stuff really caused mucho issues, as well as getting the body to fit over everything. FINALLY got everything to play well together. No binding or interference problems now! I'm disappointed I couldn't use the cool exhausts, no clearance to turn the front wheels.
Getting everything to fit was a bear. I had to decase the RX and remove the potting on the Bastens Quadsteer. Battery had to go on top (not happy with that) but there was no other place to put it. Cut all the wiring to fit and dressed them as best I could. Made the roof able to pivot up to access the inner guts.
Stuff left to do...
Clearcoat the body and add tinted windows on the sides and in back
Replace the shocks with oil filled internal springs
Go back through and Loctite purple all the metal to metal stuff
All things considered I'm OK with it. I've ordered an Axial Power Wagon in green to do a scale build, got some crazy ideas for that one.
I'll do a full parts list as soon as I figure out what I actually used.
Now I've got to come up with a name for this one (all my rigs have names). Any suggestions?
While digging around for alternate bodies, I found this one in the "to build" pile.
Lindbergh 1938 Ford Custom Van.
Test fitted it on my stock AX24, with a little cutting it fits really well.
Had to lose the rock lights, body is mounted with the velcro front mount and an extended velcro rear mount.
Shot it with Testors Pink Champagne color shift, I'll add window glass later.
Got some nice gold decals to use, still not sure which livery to use (any suggestions?)
Going to go with natural brass wheels and fittings, looking at these on Amazon
Brass wheels
Other brass stuff
I'll keep looking for more natural brass to use, it goes well with the paint.
As far as running gear and electronics, it's still TBD.
Going to try and keep this build CHEEP- spent enough on the scratch build... 💲... as well as a new SCX24 project in progress (will be revealed in a separate build log... it's gonna be wild!)
Lil' Hauler seems the most fitting. Love that body!
Boom Racing has some nice bronze wheels that would look pretty sick on there.

That is freakin' perfect! Great choice, looks like it was designed for it. 😍 l too was thinking "Lil'Hauler".
Got a lot of parts today, the stock AX24 is no longer stock!
Furitek Stinger system
Lotsa brass... Wheels, diff covers, rock sliders and steering rods. Still waiting on some links.
Injora M/T tires
Rampcrab servos
7mm wheel extensions
Front overdrive gearbox
Meus nylon portal axles
Kept the stock chassis, driveshafts and shocks for now, that may change in the future. Sanded and polished the black coated brass, will clearcoat them later.
Runs good on the bench, we'll see tomorrow how it does on some obstacles. Weight is 540 grams, 52% front and 48% back- gotta work on that. Still got the old AX24 flex, so I'll add some limiting straps later.
Body is decaled and some exhausts and a scoop were added. Still have to do the windows and a final clearcoat to seal the decals.
'Lil Hauler it is!
Gotta have something to haul, so I dug out this promo Airstream. it's 1:18, but so what. It's cool.
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