Atlantic Tug build/discussion

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I used magnets to hold the assembly to the deck. I slide the hatch open to access electronics but remove to access more if needed.
Thanks Jeff, I will do the same. Looking back over the instructions it did not say to glue the hatch down like I thought, my mistake.
Hi Jeff, Sorry to bother you again but had another question. I assume you painted the superstructure prior to installing the posts and railings. Did the paint fill up the predrilled hole in the super structure, or could you still see them after the paint? How did you install the posts for the railings, the instructions show a symbol of a hammer, not so sure that would be feasible. Did you put a drop of glue on each post or just rely on a friction fit? I have a long way to go until I reach that point. Really enjoying the build so far.

No problems. I did paint it before , after each coat I used my pin drill to go through the holes this kept them visible at all times. This kept the posts and railings the steel color which is what I wanted.I dipped them in glue then just pushed them in with a needle nose pliers. On some of the posts I also had to ream out the holes to get the wire through. I found that the wire wanted to untwist when cut so I kept one end factory and pulled through with that end then cut with the Dremel. I did not pre cut any pieces as I found when I tried the first it unraveled and would not go into railing.
Thanks again for all the good advice, especially the tip about the wire unraveling and using the factory end to start all sections of the railings.
Any advice about how to line up the rudder support assembly to make the rudder shaft vertical and how to drill all three holes to line up correctly with each other? Thanks in advance
Hello Jeff - I had a question about battery access and/or replacement. My battery is a 7.2 ah SLA and its dimensions are 5.9" L X 2.6" W X 3.7" H and it weighs 4.5 lbs. After carefully constructing my battery platform I mounted it between the second and third bulkhead (counting from the bow). My motor is mounted between the first and second bulkhead and is connected to the stuffing tube with a shaft and two U-Joints. After mounting the battery I realized that with the rear deck glued down to the hull, there would be no way to get the battery out. I can see two possibilities, cut the platform out of the hull and mount it ahead of the first bulkhead, or possibly building a mounting flange around the back part of the hull and screw the back deck down to the flange instead of gluing it to the hull. I tried a float test in the bath tub with the battery mounted forward and the prop was out of the water. The weight of my boat with motor, battery, electronics, both decks, and superstructure is only 12.8 pounds so I could add ballast to rear of the boat to balance out the battery. Sorry to bother you but I really appreciate your help and don't know who else to ask.

Morning sorry have been away. I think my battery is bigger , my motor is mounted right in front of the stuffing tube and the battery is mounted over it on a flat tray. I lays on its side to keep it low. I can remove battery by just lifting the front structure and sliding battery out. The majority of my ballast is actually around my stuffing tube ,with a small amount up front for stability. The boat is at the cottage so I don't have access to it right now but will get you some more info in the next couple of days if you need.
Thanks for the reply. How did you connect the motor directly to the stuffing box, in other words how did you get the motor shaft to line up with the stuffing box when the stuffing box lays directly on top of the keel? Did you have any problem with water leaks up the rudder stuffing box when the power was on to the propeller. Mine leaked like a geyser when the motor was on and did not leak with the motor off. I solved that problem by sliding 7 or 8 small o-rings down the rudder shaft (a 3.2 mm SS TIG welding rod) and holding them in compression with the rudder arm. would love to see any interior photos of your setup. Thanks