Anyone know what is going on with HPI fourms?

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Sorry if this is a little OT but I out of my several fourms I visit HPI is one of them. For the last 5 days their forum has been down. When you go to the site it brings up a blank white page. I thought maybe some of the members here are members at HPI too. I can't get a response back from HPI. Does anyone know what is going on?

That's wierd. I just checked the site and all I got was a loaded blank page. No error messages or anything just a blank page. Wierd.
Dude I thought like Maybe OQ and HW bought HPI's and quickly sent that forum to hell. X
Who is OQ and HW? I posted a question similar to this on RadioControlZone and someone told me the when he clicked on the forum link it displayed a message saying the forum was temporarly down. He thinks they are adding a section for the Savage.

This is the error I received after visiting the site, "The HPI R/C forum is currently closed for repairs. Please return later."

As someone that runs a forum also, I would guess this message means their doing something to the database or the forum as a whole. Something much more then adding a section to the forum just for the savage, as that can be done in a matter of minutes w/o having to shutdown the forum.

Sounds more serious to me, whether it be maintance or problems.

That is intersting. I am not getting any error message. Maybe their server crashed and they are working on restoring it. Well thanks for the update.

can't be 100% sure.
But I got word that a hacker hit the site.
I honestly can not say if that is true or not.
I remember a year or two ago World of Hell hacked the Smart Parts Paintball site and left their classic image as the front page. Wonder if WOH did this?
This mystery has been solved.

"10/17/2002 - Several new Links and Dealers have been added to the site, check them out! The R/C Forum will be down until next Tuesday."

This is from HPI's Update page. Another person told me about this. I didn't even see that link. :doh:

Yeah I know, but atleast I know there is a crack:banana:
Its all good matts:D Coming from a guy with your looks8-0 Well we wont go there today.
See here I was trying to be nice and you have to go and say that:dumb:
Oh I'm not mad I think this is great fun:classic: But we dont want retread getting mad at us. This is the wrong section of the board for this kind of thing you know:cheers:
Oh he is on now. Oh were in big trouble now:OMG:
SSSHHHHH quite he might be reading this right now8-0