Any rc10gt/factory/team/rtr out there???

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Lets get a list of drivers of this great truck, and what you have done to them.
AE all the way!!!! I have the RTR. But I did refit it with bearings. I like it. I think the AE/TTR .15 is a nice engine for the average driver. It's quick. The only truck that's quicker is the XXX-NT and not by much. I don't live near a track anymore so I don't run it much. But I'm still holding onto it because it's my plan to buy some land here and make my own track. And maybe even my own LHS! We'll see.
A friend of mine got one last week.
It’s a nice truck but took a bit of work to get it race ready.
We had to re-do the linkage setup and add a RX box. He also got an aftermarket trany brace. Shocks needed oil.

It’s a solid runner and comes with a good engine and servos.
The videotape was so cheesy we were rolling on the ground.
I hafta say the vid that came with my RTR was a bit weak. Not cheesy. But weak. It had some good points, but they were demonstrating on an engine that was different than the one on the truck. And it was a bit "basement" in quality. On the other hand, it was nice to have something to watch to clue me in. And the footage from the Nitro Off-road Nats was neat.
I started with the RTR. I first installed bearings everywhere including the trans/diff, added some MIP cvd's, and bought the FT chassis upgrade kit (what a difference that makes!). Slapped on a couple of different types of Proline tires and a new Proline body and it isn't so RTR anymore. The engine moves along pretty good, especially when you take the carb restrictor out.
Razorback, I pulled the restrictor finally a few weeks ago. Did you find that when you did, you had to richen the HSN like 2 turns? It took me a long time to get it running right again!
I actually went a little past 2 full turns to slow the engine down a bit to get a little more control. I don't know if I got a great engine or had it dialed just right, but it kept pulling the fronts up at WOT and if I hit a small bump it flipped onto its back. So, what I did is put 1/2 oz. weight in the front, took the restrictor, bored it out, and stuck it back in. It is perfect now and I can pull hard on the trigger and point the truck wherever I want it to go.


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Loosen the slipper. You should be able to go from 0 to WOT without any torque steer.
My slipper adjustment nut is even with the outside end of the shaft.
Holding both wheels you should be able to move the spur with your thumb.

Play around with the adjustment and you will se a difference in controlling your truck.
GT update: added FT shocks f/r, titanium turnbuckles, carbon fiber shock towers f/r, blue aluminum screw set.

Blue aluminum ball studs, HG lower shock mounts, spring collars and spring cups are on the way!
i got the gt rtr but i put the os .15 CVR-X on it. its got the mip clutch and the cvec euxaust. for steering i have the hitec hs-625 mg.
My buddy just got the GT RTR earlier this week. I'm going to help him break it in on Sunday, being this is his first nitro.

I lengthened the fuel pick up and added a fuel filter, because I noticed it was really short. Also, I'm going to have him change the air filter to a Motor Saver, the stock filter looks kind of weak. I'm also going to suggest picking up a Venom failsafe, because there are going to be a few more bashers there as well. Oh, yeah I was going to remove the carb restrictor after break in, but I want him to get used to running it first.

Is there anything else I'm forgetting to do? Or are there any other tips before I get it running?
Big Kal - lots of stuff to do in the long run - but immediatly get the RPM rcvr box. strapping the rcvr to the chassis is just plain dumb. failsafe is a good idea, like u mentioned.

Factory Team kit edition.
OPS .15 mill
AE RPM pipe.
dubro fuel filter
Harcore Racing Titanium Chassis
Hardcore Racing Aluminium front and rear shock towers.
proline 3 piece wheels.
RPM rcvr box
Venom failsafe
Hitec 645 steering servo
motor saver air filter
trinity 1300ma humppack
chrome CVD's
titanium screw set
[here is a chassis photo[/b]
I noticed that the receiver was only strapped to the chassis. Why AE would do that I have no idea. Cool, just a receiver box for now. I gotta make sure he gets that before Sunday.
I am too lazy to list all the changes but here are a few of the more major ones.
car is an RC 10 GT factory team car kit
OS RG 21 engine
custom pipe tuned for my specific RPM and engine
HG alloy diff gear
steel idler gear
titanium top shaft
2 speed clutch and spur gear asm
offna fuel tank
jaco foam slicks
all fasteners are either alum or titanium, depending on app.
plus all the added goodies that came with the team car kit

here a pic of it.


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Originally posted by Hunter
Lets get a list of drivers of this great truck, and what you have done to them.

My hobby room is fulla RC10GTs. I love em. I have an old RTR, and an RTR PLus, and I just built a kit that I haven't put an engine in yet.

Heres my favorite one. Its an old RTR fitted onto a Team chassis with a ton of mods...


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