Any Nitro Truck Oval Racers?

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on last sunday just over 30 of us had a uk bash,there was a soil oval which races were held on,i did not race but after the races were done with,i had some mad laps.the only trouble is i would not back down off full throttle,so i kept drifting wide out of the corners.i shall have to learn that slower can be faster:) got any race photos Eddy
Just a few.
Race day for the oval and some shots of our local dirt track for the Maxx.
thanks for the photos,i am trying to hire the local speedway and hot rod track for a day,to use for maxx bashing.the grass,shail,and tarmac will give varied surfaces to race on.
I believe that where i live we don't oval track races it is pretty much make u own, we have carpet racing and track racing/dirt . Can oval track racing be nething from dirt to concrete ???
Oval can be done on any surface, Carpet for electric, dirt, concrete, or pavement for nitro.
I race a XXXNT-DA in the Nitro Truck class. We lower the trucks and stiffen the suspension as well as using foam tires.
It’s a gas.
how far is one lap,cos the track i`m interested in is quater of a mile round (1 lap)
I think that’s way to big for most cars.
Ill have to do the math to see the size of the track.
We ran on a paved oval with banked turns last night, what a gas.
I was slower than most during qualifying and only had an average speed of 36 mph others were pulling 36-38mph.
Here is a photo of the track.
After all was said and done, I got 3rd in the B-Main. I was way under geared for this track and had no way to change.
I love Nitro Truck Oval Racing.:D
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thanks for that Eddy,i drag raced a national hot rod twice and beat him,when he lined up with me on the straight i gunned it and out dragged him to the next turn.i did the same against a super stock too:cool:
if i want to do a scaled 1/4 mile drag strip is it as simple as dividing 1/4 mile by 10,or are the maxxes not a true 1:10 size.
thanks Easy
We are going to buil an oval around our dirt track. I have a question though. How wide would you suggest the straights and the turns to be so we don't end up with trucks on top of each other.
how many trucks will race at a time,mind you i reckon no matter how wide the track is,all will want the same line to race on.
A class is 4, We will race up to 10 trucks then split the class into 2 if we have more than 10.
Last week we had 3 classes over 25 trucks.
i suppose on an oval,trucks will drift round the bends,place the amount of trucks you will race side by side with about12" or 30cm inbetween them add a bit on.this will allow trucks to pass on the turns and flow round too.
With foam tires and some custom front end work to adjust the caster from 30 deg. To 5 deg. The little monsters stick like glue.

The tracks are about 130 feet at the longest point and 60 feet from edge to edge. The lanes are around 12 feet.

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