Alternate body/shell for a Hobao Hyper VT

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RCNT Rookie
Scotland, UK.
I just got a Hyper VT with the blue shell. It looks great but I'm thinking of getting an alternate colour as well to change things up at times. Any suggestions for what else would fit ? I'd much prefer pre painted as I'd like it to look good, not the mess I'd make of it!

Dimensions of the supplied body are
L: 585mm x W: 305mm x H: 160mm
Wheelbase: 330mm


RC Newbie
Isn't it 360mm wheelbase? There are tons of GT (330mm) bodies that fit from Protoform and Delta Plastic. eBay has a few hundred ideas you might be able to find locally. The C7 made me give up the money immediately. Lol


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