A days bashing!!

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Well, we just got done the 2nd Hobby park bash. It was NCNitro, Divine and myself. We had a great time!! We were all running pretty good (Especially when Divine found out that his tranny was loose and that's why he ate up three spur gears!) My truck was somewhat inconsistant and I think I'm still chasing carb problems. (Divine is going to get me an OS carb to try [I'll let you know Chazey how that goes]) NC's truck ran great all the way up to the end when he broke an A arm and messed up a couple of shocks. Oh yea, we did have to listen to Mr. Pretty truck, aka NC, about the scratches on his Muntant head. We had a real good time. Just wanted to share. Mrs. Divine (Divine's wife) did take some pictures, so they'll be posted soon!!
Sounds like fun. I noticed this afternoon that my tranny was loose too. I didn't grind up my spur gear, stainless, but I did grind up my drive shaft from hitting the flywheel. I can't wait until sometime this week when my new tranny comes in!
Yep, we know how to do it down here too:D (Only, it would have been better if we had a bulldozer like you guys!!)
Sounds like we missed out on a great day of bashing...darn the duty weekend...darn the weather...aaarrrrgggghhhh
Fett that last jump, or should I say landing just about killed my truck. Two busted a-arms, three busted shock ends and bent shafts, busted bumper mount, bent hinge pins, not to mention a busted anti-sway bar from your wreckless driving ;) The body took a pretty good beating too, I guess its time for another paint job. The Mutant was not hurt too bad, nothing my dremel tool can't take care of. Thats why I bought a polished head rather than a colored one. At least all the major components made it through just fine! Even after all that I still had a blast!

El and Sky, too bad you guys couldn't join us, we had a great time. We need to find someplace halfway between us and hook up for a bash session sometime. El if you want to get rid of your stock tranny pm me after you get your new one. I am working on building a stock T from parts from the ground up and I am down to the last few parts, tranny and diffs and a few misc. small items. So if you want pm me and maybe we can work something out, lmk thanks

Divine, please send some spur gears to North Carolina, it seems you have used up the states supply, lol j/k, what was it 4? Anyway it was good seeing you again, we will do this more often once you move back up here.

BTW Fett you are getting closer and closer to an OS, you are now gonna put an OS carb on your Fantom, next all you will need to do is put an OS engine on your carb, lol. My offer still stands for the Fantom. C'mon man just get an OS and be happy!

Anyway it was another great time, and I am already looking forward to the next one.
We had fun all the trucks ran great can't wait till next time
Guys, it was a blast as usual. I guess we can say usual now!! Who's up for a Winter blast??:banana: I can see it now......bashing in the snow, in a 1 hp open Maxx, over the jumps we go, crashing all the way........!! I guess it's up to Divine. Are you coming back again, or for good? Let us know! We'll be there! BTW, tell old Guan to take the day off next time!!

Also, I would like to ask the whole board a question: If two Maxx's hit in a head on colission, just exactly how do you determine who's at fault? Is it the guy that says "Hey, you hit me" first? Or is it the guy who was standing RIGHT there's fault? Or is it the guy who was behind the drivers stand at the time?? I'm not sure of the leagalities on this one NC, but I'm willing to let the board decide!
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LOL, thats too funny, I will cosult with my attorney. :p WINTER??? What happened to Fall? As soon as my parts come in from the hs I will be better than before and ready for more!!!
NC, did you bust , bend or break those shocks? As for A-arms, Are you getting the RPM's? They're great! Get them or the proline suspension kit!

Fall? I thought that's what you named the Monday thing? I guess since it was the last official day of summer, we could still have a Fall bash! I'm up for it!!

Let's ROCK:bandit:
I busted three ends and bent two shafts, broke two a-arms, and lost two of my new rpm spring retainers too. A friend of mine hooked me up with a complete set of stock arms, so for now I am just gonna use those, I do however think I am going to get the RPM arms since this now makes four arms in three months. And I also plan on going to titanium hinge pins since I bent a few of those too. Monday was an end of summer bash, we can't call it a fall bash till the leaves start turning. But I'm ready whenever :D
I am ready to run when ever set it up I will be back up for Christmas
awesome guys, I can't wait to get my new T-maxx.. Keep maxxin dudes!

See Ya:)
Hey NC, where's the pics? Did they come out?
Nope, sorry no pics. Looks like Mrs. Divine had some camera problems, I think her battery was ng. Too bad, oh well we will have pics from the next one.
Oh well, You need to bring the Mrs. next time. she did a great job at HPBash 1.