A BRIEF (!) visit to wheelieland.

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'Cuse is in the house!
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Syracuse, NY
RC Driving Style
No, this isn't "how do I get my Maxx to wheelie?" I have already seen to many. I just wanted to say that it happened. That's all. I just ported my TRX and have been putzing around with the tuning. Well, I was trudging through the grass. I punched the throttle and it stood up like an 18 year old at his first Canadian Ballet! Granted it only happened once, but it's cool to see the underside of your Maxx coming at you at 20 mph.

OK, nuf said. I don't want to make this a long one. Thanks for listening!!!!

Now when are we going to the ballet?!?!?!?

I was just in St.Catherines today ;)
Gotta confess. Never been to one. Would love to. I have a boatload of family in Lockport. But I haven't been "out west" in a while. Might just have to make a trip. Take in a Sabres game while I'm there, even though I'm a Rangers fan!!!! Sorry man.
I have a lot of fam in Locport too!

And when you come to Buffalo I'm completely up for a Sabres game! I can get us some pretty kick --- seats as well! Big fans here. Sorry to hear about being a Rangers fan :p
OK. I won't fight you on the Rangers thing. But just remember who Bobby Holik signed with this season.....