Pennsylvania 997 RC - PA - Offroad carpet, onroad carpet

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Go team Bomb Pop!
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This track looks cool
997 RC Raceway/s. Waynesboro PA

1/10 indoor carpet offroad
Carpet oval

Wanna make it up there some day
Huge fully stocked shops that I see from the videos
You mean in 2 years when a v6 fwd malibu can crush your 3000gt
hey, if i buy the 3000GT, id come visit. then I can crush u with my rusty...
honesty super sick track. wish there were tracks like this in TN.
make one after you buy the 3000gt
Carpet is less maintenance than dirt and clay, but tire wear, and buying sets of tires are gonna be expensive.
That's near my house. I've been there a couple the hobby shop and ran on the outdoor dirt track once. The were constructing the indoor track last time I was there. Their little restaurant is pretty good.
Little restaurant!?!?
Too cool
I gotta go sometime

Pretty sure they race offroad tuesday nights. Get some dinner between my races. Too cool.

When we were at RC Underground, Back in July, Little Ceasers opened up on the other side of the shopping center so we would casually walk over there between Q1 and Q2 of racing night.
997 is awesome. I've bought plenty of stuff from them. Would love to take my SK Mod down there someday.