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El Pirata

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I finally worked almost all of the bugs out of my .21 t-maxx. The engine is running great. The reliability is great. The steering is great. The diff's are great.

The tranny had just rattled loose to the point where it was always in first and would never shift. I worked on it this evening and got it finally in second, however it now starts in second. I will tweak it a little more tomorrow and see what I get as far as results. SKYMAXX, look out, it's mind blowing fast right now!!! I can't wait to jump it!!!
The proof is in the pudding...

I'll wait and see the results on Sunday. I still have to sit down and re-install all of my electrics. That will happen tonight with test drives tomorrow for tweaking sake.

It's good to see that you were able to work out the bugs...
Just redid my throttle linkage and recreated my brake linkage (which went poof! and disappeared last weekend). All electrics are in...the digital is not happy (hi pitched whine...probably had too much to drink...still works though, and I have a brand new one sitting in my kit just in case). The throttle servo growls (it also had too much to drink, but I'll grind it until it quits and then install the new one I also have sitting in my kit).

I haven't heard back from the kid in Chesapeake...most likely won't be joining us...his loss.

Don't break the T tomorrow while you fine tune it...;)
Originally posted by El Pirata
Yeah it was. I still have to pick up balloons and RTV tomorrow!
Picked up. Now all I need is the motivation to put them on, which I don't have right now.
Don't waste the time on the balloons...fix the pull start. That sounds like a bigger problem. Are we still running tomorrow? Did you guys get rain? What can we expect for conditions tomorrow?
Yes, we got rain. The pull start works but since the cord looked like it was going to break I thought I would order one while I was at it.
I understand...smarter than you look, you are.

So...are we still going?
Good...I'll be there as planned.
Put the balloons on!!! Especially if your going to be swamping it again. Id hate to see all those poor electrics executed like that :\

Have fun Gents!
I use liquid electrical tape around the battery box, RX box, transmission case, diff case and also around the servo cases.
The only week link is the servo shaft.

Balloons are great but I like that little extra that the liquid tape offers, You never know when a balloon my split.
That works too :)

Just make sure you use something El! After last weeks pics you could be forking out a lot of cash in electrics if you dont do something.

Hey Eddy - which brand of liquid tape? I've found two so far.
Originally posted by Çh®i§tiªñ
Hey Eddy - which brand of liquid tape? I've found two so far.

One that works:lick:

I'm not sure, its at the office and ime not. I will take a look and let you know.

Its good Stuff.
Since it's crunch time and I got sidetracked, again I'll probably just throw on a liberal coat of RTV.
I'm curious about the liquid tape stuff, also. I was planning on making some gaskets for the servo casing and putting a liberal dollop of some silicone based lube at the servo shaft base...this liquid tape stuff could save me the gasket making time.

BTW the swamp was bone dry today...I could say what a bummer, but it was actually nice to not have to avoid the puddles...my electronics were also greatful...:D
I will get the name for you, and a link.
I would like to see the gasket that you will make..
One of these days we will have to get all of us together at one big bash session. Located somewhere in the middle of the U.S.. Bring all / Run all kind of thing.

Good to hear it was a 'dry' run. Hopefully you didnt spend too much time wrenchin. Although the pic looked as if damage could have been bad, hopefully it wasn't. Diff cup still there? hehehe

I've often wondered about coating the entire circuitboard with the appropriate epoxy would work. I'm going to have to research this a little more. Maybe a trip to the local Coast Guard Engineering office is in order. I'm sure they have some type of underwater servo somewhere. I just want to know how to keep it waterproof and functioning.