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I've kinda started looking into the 3d printer space a bit and prices range from so cheap how can it be good to I might need to take out a loan, lol.

Anyone have good experiences with the more affordable printers? Or somewhere else I can do some research? Seems like a cluster of information out there when trying to find reviews any of these printers.

I just got this email from Hobbyking with their new printer which is really cheap. I don't see how it could be worth it even at that price when premium printers cost $3k-4k+
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 7.06.54 PM.png
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I have a samsung for such cases. it works well, not very large and of excellent quality. My printer can print about 10 things the size of mdium, and even this I consider slow work :) the fact is that I work in the printing office and use the printer 24/7, and sometimes I don't understand how my printer can withstand such a load! I bought this printer after I couldn't replace the old printer cartridge. I searched all online stores and didn't find the correct cartridge. It turned out that this model is very outdated and no one else produces such cartridges. Then I started looking for other printers (more modern) and came across them mrdepot. There is a very large assortment, and when I bought my new printer, I could not even imagine that it could work for so long!
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