3D Printed scratch built FORD MUSTANG '67 (1:10)

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chassis 1.jpg

The chassis is built on a 2 (aluminium) U profile (8x10 mm) with bought and 3D printed parts.
Bought parts are: The suspension (length 60 mm), the wheel rims with the tires, the servo, the receiver, drive shaft and the differential is from Tamiya, the electric motor (8000 rpm), and of course screws (M2, M3) and the ball joints (M3).

Gearbox ratio is: 1:4
Tyre diameter is: 65 mm


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Zortrax M200 is the machine whirring in the cupboard mostly ferociously loved by my girlfriend:)

Get to know Mr. Zortrax

I personally design most of the projects for real!!! :D
But with this one I was very lucky. It was beautifully showing itself as a freebie on thingiverse, so couldn't resist the overwhelming temptation:)

Here: file location

After downloading it I spent a good few days getting it ready for printing in blender. Getting rid of the unwanted parts and section it up so it can fit into the printer.


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I really need to get me one of those printers. Than again, I would probably only have the design skills to make a toothpick.
This printer is quite expensive, we bought it in 2015 for 2000 USD. Unfortunately at some retailers the price might rose instead declined. Probably as demand grew for it.
there are many other printers out there giving you the same quality and cost less! You've got tons of choices. (just put some google effort in it:)

for example this one


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Central California
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Okay, all of you guys with your 3D printers got me jealous beyond control. I went on an auction site and purchased a 3D printer yesterday. I got it for a smoking deal. It's a Dimension sst 768. I have no idea how it works, but I guess I have some studying and YouTube videos to watch. I got it for $800. I guess they cost $15,000 when new. Anyone want some toothpicks?


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AMAZING AClegg join us!!! The force is strong in you I can feel it :) Ask anything and we do our best to help!
In the mean time here's this classic captured in a rotating motion.



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Hey GUYs,
Long time no nothing. Which means a lot of things are done! Like our MODEL :D

right before paint job
before paint job.jpg

I don't know about you but I love It's color
paint job 1.JPG
paint job 2.JPG

This is after testing. The chassis is quite weak, we have to improve that a lot !
x After testing.JPG

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