3 pipes and 2 cents

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The test bed I used was my Associated GT armed with an OS TR .12 rear exhaust, Trinity header with no porting.
The truck is set up for a paved track, lowered suspension, foam tires, and more. I tightened the slipper to give me direct torque to the ground. 22/64 gears.

Pipe 1: AE Off road pipe.
Big Fat Puppy. Gave me great low end. I could pull wheelies but needed to be careful because of the incredible amount of torque steer. Excellent low-to-low midrange acceleration. The mid range RPM was decent but lacked punch in acceleration across the whole midrange power band. The high-end torque and acceleration was non-existent.

Pipe 2:
Losi XXXNT-DA pipe.
Smaller in diameter with a tapered throat. Decent low end. I could pop the front wheels off the ground but full out wheelies would never happen. The midrange acceleration was smooth and predictable across the entire band. A small feathering of the throttle was easily transferred to the ground. The high-end seemed to be there but was rather linier, on or off.

Pipe 3:
MIP Stinger mounted in the AE stock location. (Not out the back)
Skinny in diameter and a bit longer than the other 2 pipes.
Low end was flat. The best I can sat about the low end is it idles great. Once tuned for this pipe the low end didn’t matter much, from the mid low end to the top of the high end was I giant power band. Smooth acceleration and de-acceleration was felt from ¼ throttle to full throttle. I also found de-acceleration to be smooth.

While running my T-Maxx I tried different pipes but the differences were mild. On a lighter truck the differences became very apparent.

Just my 2 cents.
i wish someone would do a test for all the pipes out there for the Maxx,i asked more than once when people argued which was best,using a speed gun and dyno tester would be good,all on one day,same truck,same fuel too.