WTB .25 or .28 nitro or Gas engine for a truck.

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Might be looking for a .25 or .28 ci nitro or gas engine for the Hpi Savage 21 rebuild that I'm doing. Send me a PM if you've got something. Thanks guys!
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Bump. Open to any and all offers.
What are you looking to spend? I have a brand new in box Ofna .26 Picco pull start. I have it on eBay
The .26 picco would that be a good replacement for a Traxxas 3.3
Not for $460 it aint. Thats more than double what they cost before they were discontinued lol
Sorry Bud ,you may have to just save an buy a new engine ,unless you check FB sales ,not good to
buy used engines ,lot of used engines the starter is already leaking an worn out!
Bump. Thanks for the advice @cbaker65 I appreciate it!
New engine is best unless you buy it from the track and see it run. The little bit of money you will save is not worth the hassle if its problematic.:mad:
The cheapest new engine is a Dynamite 28 or a Trackstar brand engine ,they
range from $99 to $120 bucks ,that would be your best option rather than
mess with a used older engine that parts are not available anymore!
Believe me ,been there done that!..:deadhorse

That is why I dont run my old stuff anymore ,they are done an I wont sale
old stuff an burn people as I do have some old engines that only need
a simple starter part ,those engines are now used for starter box now!

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