! .25 OFNA Force Big Block !

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Best Tmaxx Ever

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Hey Everyone ,

I saw this engine first on the www.rclimited.com website, as most of u know they are renowned for there .21 kits! I was just wondering if the .25 would fit on the .21 chassis.? and also if it is really worth getting the bigger engine.

a ported .21 by jesse is ripping apart my mates full supermaxx,and tearing the Ti apart too,so .25 would be mad in a tenth scale truck,maybe i`ll leave it for you to try.let us know the damage.
I'll try one of these monsters in my 1/8th buggy when the stock engine goes south...that's a might bit too much power for a T-Maxx unless you do some MAJOR upgrades to the entire drivetrain.

OR you just take it easy on the gas...YEAH RIGHT!!
haha hey i wouldn't wait for the stock to go i would if i was u just go straight to .25. Top engine (Y)
You wouldn't wait for the stock one to go? Ha! Are you made of money!? I've got 6 mouths to feed and shelter...R/C's come at the end of the food chain...right before the Mountain Bike gear!
I've got a new XTM 24.7 in my T and it is chewing up everything in the tranny that isn't made by Hardcore Racing. That .25 will surely do the same.
Just sell the stock engine and then go big. It doesn't seem like it costs as much that way ;)
The engine looks real good I think Ill get one for my buggy.
What's the best T-MAXX engine?

What's the best replacement drop-in engine for the TMAXX 2.5. I hate my 2.5 engine!!! :boxing:
Didn't you just start a thread with the same question?

You only need to post the same question once. You will get an answer.

Also, take a look at the date of the last post, 8-1-02. You are raising the dead.

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