! .25 OFNA Force Big Block !

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Best Tmaxx Ever

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Hey Everyone ,

I saw this engine first on the www.rclimited.com website, as most of u know they are renowned for there .21 kits! I was just wondering if the .25 would fit on the .21 chassis.? and also if it is really worth getting the bigger engine.



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a ported .21 by jesse is ripping apart my mates full supermaxx,and tearing the Ti apart too,so .25 would be mad in a tenth scale truck,maybe i`ll leave it for you to try.let us know the damage.


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I'll try one of these monsters in my 1/8th buggy when the stock engine goes south...that's a might bit too much power for a T-Maxx unless you do some MAJOR upgrades to the entire drivetrain.

OR you just take it easy on the gas...YEAH RIGHT!!


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You wouldn't wait for the stock one to go? Ha! Are you made of money!? I've got 6 mouths to feed and shelter...R/C's come at the end of the food chain...right before the Mountain Bike gear!


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I've got a new XTM 24.7 in my T and it is chewing up everything in the tranny that isn't made by Hardcore Racing. That .25 will surely do the same.


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Just sell the stock engine and then go big. It doesn't seem like it costs as much that way ;)


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The engine looks real good I think Ill get one for my buggy.


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What's the best T-MAXX engine?

What's the best replacement drop-in engine for the TMAXX 2.5. I hate my 2.5 engine!!! :boxing:


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Didn't you just start a thread with the same question?

You only need to post the same question once. You will get an answer.

Also, take a look at the date of the last post, 8-1-02. You are raising the dead.

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