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Initially I noticed the roar and hp difference of the new 21 engine but this afternoon before I tried to dial it in it seemed like it didn't have the power it should have. It seemed sluggish on the acceleration as well as it never seemed to shift into second gear. It's possible that something inside the transmission could have slipped and is not allowing it to start in 1st gear thus no seeming power in first.

Also later this afternoon after is seemed like something slipped big time and it had almost no acceleration thought the rpm's were really high. It really has me stumped. Anyone?
Aside from the Tranny, you might check the tightness of the slipper clutch nut. The higher output of the motor might be causing the spur to slip a bit longer before it grabs. This would cause a slow off the line and slow to accelerate condition.
Check your clutch shoes. Worn clutch shoes will reduce the gripping action and require higher rpms to apply more force to get them to engage the clutch bell. Look into acquiring RC Alloy's aluminum clutch shoes...I hear that they are the way to go for .21 fun.
I'll look into the clutch shoes but the ones I have now are brand new bought for this application from the hobby shop. It's possible that I burned them out already but I'm not sure.
Originally posted by FastEddy
Stupid question....
Are your tires glued?:eyepatch:
That's definately an error I am quite capable of if I was not thinking but in this case they are glued and the glue on the rear tires didn't come loose.
Like sky said, i would check the clutch shoes, take your truck for a run and bring it in, touch the clutch bell and if it burns your fingers real bad your clutch is slipping. :) What way have you got your shoes, trailing or leading as this makes a lot of difference?
dude you dumped in the bed;) what time is it where you are?
if the clutch is brand new,are the shoes parting?
I know someone who didn't split the clutch shoes before fitting them, he couldn't figure out why his truck didn't move until after about 6 tanks of revving with no movement.....lol:p ;)

I wont tell who it was to save them face......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha:banana:
where did you get the 6 from,lucky pick i guess.
There is no such thing as a useless option...all options should be explored until the solution presents itself. I think that El is just trying to kill his truck...first a lamp post, now the motor, what next? :D :p
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