For Sale (2) XRay XT8 Truggy Rollers

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I have 2 available. 1 complete, 1 90% complete (needs 2 c-hubs and 2 steering knuckles). 13mm shocks (with a spare set if you want one). Add your engine and electronics and go....1 body available so whoever buys the first Truggy can have a body. No Wheels included. These are NOT 09 Specs. They are the original XT8...which I happen to still race myself.

Complete Roller: $145 shipped (Wheels shown NOT included, Big Bores also not included. Standard 13mm Shocks will be mounted.)

90% Complete Roller: $105 shipped (Radio Tray not shown in pic, but it IS included as well as the front hexes and driveshafts, and 13mm shocks.)

Sorry for the picture quality. Main camera was broken Tues night!

I bought a parts lot to have some backup parts, and it's WAY more than I will ever built 2 rollers out of it. Would like to sell at least 1.

PM me if interested.
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