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Tada...we just hit the Century mark for members...
Just got to keep the momentum going...and voila, we will rival Traxxas site for size...no need to worry about content (we already outdo them there)...

Great work Woodie and crew!
And to think it's barely been a month. I see more new names each day. Some familiar. The word is getting out there. And so far this has been a great place to be...
From 100 members to over 6000. :thumbup:
LOL...I was a bit confused on this thread at first.....nice find Digger
I just think its interesting that 3 out of the 4 people in that original post are now mods!
all those years of brown nosing paid off I guess


it was the dedication

and the payoffs...LOL I kill me cause apparently nobody else is laughing