1/8 Tekno Truggy ESC & Motor

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Have a new Tekno ET48 2.0 we are about to start. First move up from 1/10 world. I fun Hobbywing esc and motor in my ET410.2. So I’m looking at the Hobbywing Xerun XR8 Plus G2S or XR8 Pro G3 ESC. Anyone know the difference of these two? Going to run a 2200Kv motor.
Am I going the right direction? Run mainly indoor clay.
i have hobbywing stuff in my DB48 and its a blast to drive. I'm pretty sure i got the xr8, not sure if it was the xerun line though. I can't answer the question on differences since they may have updated some things since i have purchased my stuff. Now that i think about it, the motor is a hobby star from rcjuice, worth every penny. 4s and 1900-2200 ( don’t quite remember!) KV is spectacular in my set up. I run MT 2.8’s but my favorite tire is the OG badlands. You have a truggy so may have bigger tires and can definitely go with the 42mm can. I think i have a 4074. Lookup “overkill” ‘s posts on the Tekno forum, that guy runs crazy power in his truggy builds.
I'm running Hobbywing motors & ESCs, in several types of cars, from 1/10 to 1/7. I broke a HW ESC in my 1/8 Tekno buggy, running it on track. Botched a few landings, and didn't have it secured well enough (velcro). They replaced it, but the process was involved, and took over a month. Still my 1st choice, for lack of finding anything better. HW seems to be the most re-branded ESC, used in some RTRs.
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Can’t go wrong with HW. The only esc I have fancier than that is a Tekin RX4, it has some features for sure. I have also used the rs gen2, it’s a great esc for racing.