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  1. GhettoPistachio

    XTM X-cellerator New engines that fit or rebuild?

    I've had this XTM Xcellerator for most of my life but its been sitting for like 10 years. I want to get it running but its not exactly a show piece so I'm open to options. The original xtm .18 I hear is the same as the sh .18 but even then parts are mostly discontinued so rebuilding is starting...
  2. N3st087

    X-factor restoration almost complete

    I started out restoring this bad boy after pulling it out of my storage. I had it sitting for 14 years plus. Just waiting to get an engine since the old one was blown out. Anyone have a good idea on what size to go with.
  3. N3st087


    Hello I’m new to this website and just wanted to see if anyone knows where to get XTM X-Factor parts? I pulled mine out finally after about 14 years Or more of sitting in a container and it needs some work. I figured I’d get this running for my kids.
  4. Rick61

    Restored XTM X-Factor

    I finally found all the parts I needed to finish restoring my X-Factor. It hasn't been used in 14 years but still looks pretty good. Installed a new 2.4 Ghz radio and should be good to go this spring. I still need to adjust the toe in on the rear (it had rear steering at one time) and adjust the...
  5. gsbuickman

    My new XTM mega monster truck (mmt)

    Hiya Guys :) . I know it's been awhile but for the last several years I put my ground vehicles on the back burner and focused mainly on my fast electric offshore boats instead. The rc boating around here has come to a standstill and I got tired of running by myself so I let them go and picked...
  6. E

    Could someone help me out

    I've recently bought a xtm xt2 nitro car . Always wanted one from a kid and got one so new to them .. I've had it going few weeks having so much fun but know when I turn my controls left and right sometimes it doesn't respond and it would also keep going at the speed it happens at and won't stop...