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  1. Rick61

    Restored XTM X-Factor

    I finally found all the parts I needed to finish restoring my X-Factor. It hasn't been used in 14 years but still looks pretty good. Installed a new 2.4 Ghz radio and should be good to go this spring. I still need to adjust the toe in on the rear (it had rear steering at one time) and adjust the...
  2. G

    My new XTM mega monster truck (mmt)

    Hiya Guys :) . I know it's been awhile but for the last several years I put my ground vehicles on the back burner and focused mainly on my fast electric offshore boats instead. The rc boating around here has come to a standstill and I got tired of running by myself so I let them go and picked...
  3. E

    Could someone help me out

    I've recently bought a xtm xt2 nitro car . Always wanted one from a kid and got one so new to them .. I've had it going few weeks having so much fun but know when I turn my controls left and right sometimes it doesn't respond and it would also keep going at the speed it happens at and won't stop...
  4. G

    XTM Mammoth ST stuff

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for 61T & 66t steel spur gears for my new XTM Mammoth ST. Or the conversion to upgrade the 2 speed. Or:hehe: any other upgrades for this as well If you can help me out, let me know !!!! Thanks