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  1. BobP

    OUTCAST in my front yard

  2. BobP

    Shockwave 55 X2 fun

  3. RCPoland


    Hi, Here is my unboxing and assembling of the super low budget truck (gaz-66) called WPL-B24 which is in 1:!6 scale. Hope You enjoy my movie.
  4. paularcher

    A $70 RC car that can go 70 km/h!! WLToys A959

    Hello there, guys! I know most of you are fancying heavier powerful cars that run brushless motors and stuff. But what about a way to have some real fun easier or get that cheap ass friend into the hobby? I have reviewed the WLToys A959 rc car:
  5. WoodiE

    Drone footage of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii

    The Kilauea volcano on the Hawaii island is erupting causing mandatory evacuations of over 1,700 residents. An RC drone has managed to get some views of the volcano:
  6. WoodiE

    RC Rally Lap with a Traxxas Slash

    Neat video of the Traxxas Slash driving around the neighborhood with some pretty decent editing.
  7. dominicm

    1/5th scale Losi short course MONSTER trucks filmed in 4K

    A vid from my visit to the very friendly Clanfield RC Club. 1/5 scale short course trucks which I had never seen before and 1 came close to wiping me out at the end of the track. Only 2 on the track but it ended in disaster. They found it amusing so no harm done.
  8. hamz9561

    RC model of SR-71 Video

    Saw this and had to share. This pilot must be really good to fly this beast.
  9. AerialExplorer

    Aerial videos of fortresses, churches and landscapes

    Hey everyone, So I have been working long and hard all summer to perfect my drone for capturing aerial video and here is some of the shots I have captured over the summer. Gonio fortress (Georgian: გონიოს ციხე, previously called Apsaros, or Apsaruntos), is a Roman fortification in Adjara...
  10. FPS-RC

    Gyro Stabilized Brushless Air Boat SEE VIDEO

    For Sale:
  11. rollinlow

    scale video

    This is a little video my friend put together from few weekends ago My buddy's wraith is the bronco body and mine is the black one Fun times thought y'all would like to check it out
  12. Nedly

    Can I make your official R/C video?

    Following the resurrection of the nitro crusher I intended to make a super official video for the truck upon completion. Because I am majoring in CIS I have exclusive access through my college for the latest software and have plenty of computing power for video and audio editing. At this point...
  13. M

    vintage drag racing video

    1966 worlds points final NHRA. Tulsa OK. my dad and i was there. and 1965 --68
  14. bobaloohoo

    New axial rock crawling video!

  15. C

    MGT 4.6 & MGT 3.0 video

    A few runs with my 4.6 & 3.0 MGT 4.6 Vid MGT 3.0 Vid
  16. Ckeithnitro

    Video MGT 8.0 ERCM

  17. R

    Alex's T-maxx Truggy Conversion Complete W/ Video

    Hey gang, Thanks to everyone here who helped me finish my build. As promised here is a video of the truck doing what it does best. Here is the build thread: Here is the video: Here is a parts list: Drive Train...
  18. HPIguy

    Rolex's Family Christmas Video

    This has to be some of Ralph's family, as evidenced by the clear lack of pants. :hehe:
  19. L

    savage spur gear/clutch bell issues (video question)

    savage spur gear/clutch bell issues updated well I was hoping to post a video question to help everyone understand exactly what I'm talking about. The spur gear and the clutch bell on my Savage 25 are not lining up causing one side of the spur gear to wear very quickly. I will try to post some...
  20. sur3fir3

    best way to video an R/C by yourself when you are driving?

    I don't really have anyone to help me video my RCs, and the few people I do know have absolutely no experience with cameras, and I don't trust anyone besides myself to run my LST2 WOT as its a handfull. Whats your recommendation on the best way to get some decent video When you are driving and...