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  1. W

    .07 Vertigo one way bearing

    I bought this 1/16 scale for my son, after all the tanks of break in and taking the engine out many times just to clean the one way bearing with De-natured alchahol, it seems like the bearing is getting saturated from running too rich, every time I shut it down I have to take the bearing out and...
  2. vbgagnon

    Vertigo Performance

    I can't find what I'm looking for, well at least from unbiased people. I'm thinking of getting their front cf chassis brace for my lsp and was wondering if anybody has had any experience with their products. They sell for about $20 and should get rid of the front flex in the chassis...
  3. M

    Sold / Found For Sale Vertigo Performance TVP's

    Well I had some unexpected bills pop up and I have to sell my Vertigo Products Race This setup.They are the carbon fiber version.They have been run about 4 times and they will include the HD rear driveshaft and machined engine plate..Asking $150... Thanks, Mark