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  1. YoMamaLlama

    Battery stops working

    Hey, I have got two Venom 3000 mah NiMH batteries. Ran just fine for three runs. But now once I run them, they work for about 2-3 minutes and stop working. The car is not the problem, it is just these batteries, as the battery that came with the car works just fine. But when I check the Venom...
  2. godale03

    Venom Medion Charger

    Has anybody used this charger before? I have seen it around the track and it looks like it is a pretty good charger... I mean more than a couple of folks were using them. The cool part is that they had built in speakers and a connection for your MP3 player of choice and an LED pit light. I guess...
  3. tmaxxfreek

    Sold / Found NEW 2.2 RC4wd Mudslingers/New In Package Venom 2s 5000 40c

    2.2's Brand new, never seen dirt 55.00 or trade for (4) of these. Brand new in package Venom 40c 5000 battery, was for my 2wd buggy, no longer need...
  4. T

    First time charging my venom 5000, 25c lipo

    I just purchased a Savage XS and need some guidance charging the lipo for the first time. I have an Onyx 235 advanced balance charger and a Venom 5000/25c Lipo. Can someone please tell me the proper current, safety time, peak and trickle amount. Between what the shop owner, manuals and...
  5. N

    new venom pack charger question

    I just bought a venom nimh 6-cell 5000 mah 7.2v battery pack. In the directions it says not to trickle charge it or timer charge it. So I was wondering what type of charger I would need?
  6. Greywolf74

    Sold / Found Venom RC T-Shirt NIB ***NEW*** Tee Shirt XXL/XXXL

    Venom RC T-Shirt. This shirt is brand new in the bag. The shirt is 3XL but it is not pre-shrunk so it should probably be considered closer to a 2XL. $16.99 Shipped to lower 48 .....FIRM
  7. Greywolf74

    Sold / Found Venom 60C 2S 3800mAh 7.4 Shorty Hardcase LiPO Battery ROAR Approved with UNI Plug

    Venom 60C 2S 3800mAh 7.4 Shorty Hardcase LiPO Battery ROAR Approved with UNI Plug SOLD!!!! The ideal race pack for today's 1:10 Scale RC Buggies. Like all Venom LiPoly Batteries, this battery delivers the power and run time you demand and includes heavy-duty features like 12AWG soft...
  8. R

    Venom Pro Charger

    I have a new Venom Pro Charger and can't get it to chareg my Ni-MH batteries. This is my second charger, they replaced my first one because of the same problem. I was wondering if any one else was having this problem?
  9. andydrew39219

    Venom racing rx pack

    I want a couple nice rx packs for my maxx. I found this, how does it look? I'm also open to other suggestions. If it helps I plan on getting the spektrum dx3s so I will be using the SR300 rx that comes with it. Whats a good charger that I could use with these rx packs and the traxxas rx hump...
  10. R

    Sold / Found Atomik Venom Metal Mulisha MM 450 Bikes NIB

    I have two brand new in box bikes. One is the RTR and the other in ARR. These have never been opened. If purchased this weekend guaranteed to be at your door for Christmas. I will only ship to the lower 48 states. RTR Version - $375 shipped ARR Version - $360 shipped Sorry no trades:
  11. U

    venom crawler

    What are people's thoughts on the Venom Crawler? Its in new condition four wheel steer, there asking $200.
  12. B

    Sold / Found Venom King of Shaves Boat basically new

    I just had to move and no longer have a roommate so all the bills are now mine. I'm gonna let this boat go, I havent had it very long but its been fun and run great. On 6s and a stock prop I know its pushing at least 45mph. It is fiberglass, only damage is a ding out of the very tip of the boat...
  13. L

    Venom Pro, charging lipo batteries?

    I recently bought a Venom Pro charger and need some help programing it to charge the Venom lipo 5000 batteries I got with it. Just don't want to ruin the batteries@ $6o each, not to mention burning the house down. Newby here, so any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. R

    Sold / Found Venom VMX 450 For sale with Extras - NIB

    I bought this and have no time for it. It is still brand new in box. This is the latest version. I will include the receipt so you have warranty if needed. Also have extra parts all NIB: $350 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states includes: 1) Venom VMZ-450 Red 2) Front disk Brake...
  15. D

    venom or duratrax

    I'm buying a new charger I have it narrowed down to 2 its the venom pro AC/DC charger or the duratrax intellipeak ice ..what is better all imput is helpful thanks in advanced
  16. R

    Sold / Found BNIB Venom VMX450 Bike with Extras $380 Shipped

    BNIB Venom VMX450 Bike with Extras $350 Shipped This is a brand new in box Venom VMX 450 Bike. The box was opened to take the picture only. Also comes with the following extra parts new in bag: 1) Steel Gear Gyrol Set 2) 68 tooth spur gear 3) handlebars 4) Triple clamp set 5) outer...
  17. 2revo1maxx

    Venom pro-charger owners...

    I have two turnigy 25c 5000mah lipos, what should my charge rate be set at? I've been running it at 1.5 for balancing, can I go higher? What would be a good maximum amperage?
  18. D

    Dam Venom

    Okay i just bought a venom battery, its a 3 cell 11.1volt 5000mah lipo and i have used it for the second time today. It feals puffy and I'm afraid to charge it not because i think something is wrong with it. Whats going on? I'm pissed because i dont wanna take a chance aand try to balance charge...
  19. alien13

    Venom Heli?

    I have a $25.00 gift card to RC Parts Factory, (Thanks WoodiE) and I;m thinking about getting this, anybody use it before? When I get my tax returns I'm getting a pair of Blade mCX helis, but for...
  20. alien13

    Venom or Spektrum???

    Found this on the Venom site: $69.99 + shipping Or I could pick a comparable DX3 for more money. The only DX3s I've found so far for less are used, or don't have receivers.