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  1. gsbuickman

    New Vaterra V100 1/10th on road car

    Hiya Guys :) . I've never been a fan of 1/10 scale touring cars, but when I picked this Vaterra V100 from Horizon Hobby up in a trade deal a few days ago I realized it's more than just the average touring car. It's longer, wider, heavier, built better and it's a more stable platform than most...
  2. W

    Vaterra Nissan GT-R

    Just picked up a Vaterra Nissan GTR and am loving it. I've decided to upgrade the motor from burshed to brushless and do a LIPO swap. This thing is awesome and so far I'm quite impressed with its quality.
  3. BamaFan

    Vaterra RC

    Do any of you guys know anything about this particular brand. My LHS carries them and parts for them. I was looking at buying this particular model to do some drifting in my buddies basement. He has a whole drift track set up and I was looking at getting my own drift car. I have been using his...
  4. NCNitro

    Vaterra RC Cars

    Anyone running these? My youngest son (9) has some birthday cash that is burning a hole in his pocket and he wants to get an electric touring car to run while me and my older son run our RS4 3 cars. I want him to have a shaft drive since all we do is parking lot stuff, and it needs to be 4wd...
  5. Nitrobuzzard

    Vaterra Camaro
  6. Alexander_0_1

    Vaterra Slickrock, hit or miss?

    So gents...and ladies now. What's your thoughts on this Slickrock I answered an add on a local trading post from some guy that wanted a 1/16 revo. So I told him I had one, now instead of giving me what I asked for he counted with a Slickrock. Now I know nothing about vaterra, but I do know his...
  7. WoodiE

    Vaterra Halix 1/10th 4WD Monster Truck

    Veterra has another great vehicle releasae, the Vaterra Halix 1/10th 4WD Monster Truck! The new Vaterra Halix is a 1/10th scale Ready-To-Run monster truck powered by a Dynamite 3300kv sensorless brushless motor and a 2S-3S compatible ESC makes the Vaterra Halix one very fast monster truck! A...
  8. MudSlinger33

    Vaterra Twin Hammers

    The first shipment of the new Vaterra line finally arrived at my LHS. I was the first to pick up the newly released 1/10 scale twin hammers rock racer. I have heard great reviews thus far on vaterras new rock racer and could not wait to try one out for myself. My first impressions in stock form...