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  1. S


    so I ve been trying to tune it the last few days but I'm having so much trouble... I've got it so it stars will with a little trim on throttle then I bring it down to idle with no spinning of wheels when I. get it running I leave it and it will eventually die, under a minute, in that minute I...
  2. S

    Jato 3.3 possible tuning problem or trans problem

    Help I have a problem I'm not sure if it's a tuning problem or a trans problem Here's what it's doing every now and then at low speeds it Boggs down like no other then I'll get it up to speed slow down to a stop and it's back to running like there never was a problem. I'm thinking ether...
  3. D

    Tuning problems...I guess

    I'm done with breaking in my new savage x4.6. However during the first run i experienced few problems mainly being its sluggish and slow performance. It died when I applied throttle but after some heating up it started running. I'd like to know if its the problem with tuning or am I doing...
  4. rolsy100

    Everything you need to know about tuning

    Tuning Your TRX 2.5, 2.5R and 3.3 Engine for Best Performance The Fuel Mixture The engine's performance depends on the fuel mixture. Turn the mixture needles clockwise to lean the fuel mixture and counterclockwise to richen it. Leaning the fuel mixture will increase engine power up to the...
  5. avelciario

    tuning problem?

    Hello Guys, I played yesterday on our local track, my truggy hardly take the double, I got nice low end power and top end, but once I am approaching to jump once I make WOT it seems losing power on the mid range. Our track is very tight after the 80 degrees turn only about 2meters already...
  6. VinnieMacIDG

    Tuning questions and symptoms

    What's up everyone, I have a 1/8 buggy with a xtm 247 powering it. I just rebuilt the motor with a new sleeve and piston. All internals were good. The reason for the rebuild was the piston clip that holds conrod and piston popped out on one side and scratched everything all up. Any how, now...
  7. T

    Tmaxx tuning

    I've been trying to tune my tmaxx and can't seem to get it right. I eat her get one or the other, a good idle but bogs when hitting high speeds, or a good high speed runs without an idle. Is there something I need to know. And what do I tune first, idle screw, high speed needle, or low speed...
  8. A

    Nitro rc traxxas tuning

    I have a trx 2.5 engine and i tyre tuning it to get the best out of it but can't seem to do it does anyone one have this engine in one of there traxxas carbs if so could i have the carb setting please for a 2.5 engine
  9. K

    Need help tuning clutch

    So I bought this clutch kit http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_info.php/cPath/1_25_1480_54/products_id/210526/n/M2C-Racing-34mm-Quick-Change-4-Shoe-Clutch-System I'm using a picco .28 and the throttle response is not Very snappy. It takesquite a bit of throttle to engage. I'm using the...
  10. H

    Tuning issues

    I ran my savage x today and I've been having some tuning issues. It doesn't seem to be reacting to tuning as well as it used to. I've been playing the idle and its all over the place. once is gets to temp i idle it nice then "tune" everything but it changes the idle. Then i do the idle and...
  11. fstrnu

    OS TG tuning- building tips

    what are some of the tuning trick people use on the OS TG .12 I am going to run a couple of oval races with a Limited Late Model this summer and the rules state stock engine.limited pipe. I know that the really fast guys APPEAR stock but have alot more rip than others.
  12. N

    Tuning Help

    Hi. I'm wondering if anyone as any tuning advice for me and my 1/8 buggy. is there anything to listen for? Any tuning advice would be much appreciated.
  13. Nealy587

    could it just be tuning?

    ok so i dont know a whole lot about these things yet but am learning alot. so every tmaxx i have seen with the 3.3 will do wheelies for the most part.. my rig is a classic but upgraded drivetrain including axles, drive shafts, tranny and the 3.3 motor. I can't get my rig to do it. could it be...
  14. synnyzter

    strange tuning issues...

    Trx 3.3 in a slayer pro. I bought one that was lightly used however it ran very strong. the odd thing is it would not run with the factory needle settings. I would have to lean the HSN about 1 full turn for.it to even run properly. This always bothered me but, hey it ran great. After...
  15. T

    tuning issue

    I have a tmaxx 2.5 upgraded to 3.3 i just bought it off of ebay the guy i bought t from upgraded it.It has not been broke in yet i have the HSN 4 turns out and the LNS 1 3/4 out it starts fine and idles fine until the engine warms up then the RPM goes up and the truck starts jumping lke its...
  16. MaxxBlack


    Finally had a nice day to get the maxx outand knock the dust off. Question is it normal to haft to turn the hsn in nearly 2 turns? I had mine turned in(lean) about 1.5 and never saw temps higher than 180 still had lots of smoke and it still stumbled on full throttle from idle. Granet set at...
  17. knights


    So I wanted to us my new temp gauge and see if the temps would drop when I richen the HSN, but the truck dies when I richen it. the motor was warm and holding a idle but riching it made it want to die, so I had to turn the idle up. Is this a clear sign that the engine is to rich already? Also...
  18. R

    Tuning t-maxx 3.3

    I just recently bought my first nitro rc car. I bought the t-maxx with the 3.3 engine. I broke the motor in and now want to tune the motor. The car is sluggish on the start. Whats the best way to fix this problem?
  19. J

    Frustrating Tuning problem

    Just when I thought I had this whole nitro thing down it comes back and smacks me right back down in my place. My revo has a 3.3 that has roughly 4-5 gallons on it and has always ran great. Just tried to fire it back up again last weekend and it would not idle for anything. It would run ok...
  20. S

    New to Tuning

    I just bought my new Savage X 4.6 yesterday, and I have been trying to tune it in.. I have the high speed set pretty good I think, I mean I am still moving it clockwise at times just to try to get peak top speeds.. BUT, I am still having troubles when I first get going.. It stalls out kinda when...