trx 3.3

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  1. A

    trx 3.3....

    woohoo i got my 3.3 in today all i need is my pipe and header which will be in in a few days and I'm all set to break it in and se what all the fus is about.....i can't wait......figured i would share that with u guys.....
  2. M

    trx 3.3 in the maxx....

    well done traxxas for bringing out a new bigger displacement engine. this is just my opinion but here it goes. the truck itself is basicly a revo without the fancy suspesion, and a larger displacement engine. maybe they should have made the engine a big block to rival the savage. I'm...
  3. R

    Trx 3.3

    i just got a email from traxxas about there new releases T-maxx 3.3 revo 3.3 these look like real power house but have to wonder if they will have the same tuning problems ppl had woth the 2.5's