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  1. I

    T-Maxx 2.5 overheating

    I have a Tmaxx 2.5 i purchased around Christmas it ran very well until I brought it to a bmx park and did some jumps it suddenly began overheating to around 320F before that the temps never got over 260 it was tuned richer than breaking settings. After that i put it in a box and ignored it until...
  2. Mrdavis72

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...Can somebody please help me

    Ok so the only way I can get my 3.3 to start and idle is for it to be at half throttle. I myself have been over it numerous times as well as the hobby shops, and can't figure it out. Brend new everything except piston and sleeve,because they were still in good repair,new carb,tank,lines. Lots of...
  3. Booins

    How Much is a Traxxas TRX .15 Pro Parts Engine Worth?!

    This is more of an opinion question, but what is a fair price for a Traxxas TRX .15 Pro parts engine. Assuming this engine has bad compression, no carb and no starting system. Anyone's opinion will be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Booins

    TRX .15 Engine Won't Start HELP!

    I have an old Traxxas .15 engine that has been fully cleaned and rebuilt. I am having problems starting it up. I have a brand new owb and pullstart on it but it is hard to turn over. My hand hurts from tugging on the pull cord. I have successfully gotten it to startup for a second or two but...
  5. Rooky78

    What the ... am I doing wrong?!

    Ok, some of y'all know about my Revo project. I should probably update that thread. .. Anyhow, this thing... it's been sealed, I found the thread from the fella at ERCM, I've forgotten his name. The thing sounds great, for a small block. Good smoke trail, sounds like it should, at WOT, you...
  6. X

    Looking to upgrade my tmax 3.3 #4909

    hey ya, I'm new here, and kinda new to the nitro trucks scene tho, i have had my truck for along time. So i thinks times have come to see about upgrades and such that can still be done to it being finding parts isnt easy and thought ya could help. First i have the t maxx model in the title, it...
  7. Rooky78

    Acquired a new project.

    So, a friend of mine called me up the other day to work on some stuff for him because he's a truck driver and doesn't have time, and was at the point we all get to with life sometimes. Long story short I'm acquiring a couple new projects. The Revo 3.3 that's complete was pretty well gummed up...
  8. Rooky78

    Yet another Redcat thread.

    So.. a buddy of mine calls and says "I've got 2 Revos, a Mini revo and a Redcat Rampage. They all need work and I'm tired of messing with them" As he's an over the road truck driver, and I'm laid off, I took him up on the offer to tinker. I'm really starting to understand why you guys bash on...
  9. olds97_lss

    New tires, new carb (losi 3.4), ended a bad day...

    My wife got me new tires for my b-day. Comparison to traxxas 3.8 geodes with 3.3 tires: This was also my first run with a losi 3.4 carb on my 3.3. I have an OS21TM, but...
  10. H

    Question about Tmaxx Pro .15

    I purchased this to rebuild to stock. It has the pain in the butt phillips head screws. Rebuilt the truck and it starts and runs great and all eletronics work but the truck will not move. Any help would be great. Thanks harley06
  11. G

    TRX .15 Pro engine will not start!

    I have an old nitro stampede with a TRX .15 pro engine. I bought it used and have had it for years, but never have gotten it running well. Recently, I got it out again to try to get it working. I completely tore apart the engine and carburetor, cleaning and lubricating the parts thoroughly. To...
  12. K

    Header for Trx .15

    This engine is from my Npede and I want to put it on my old narrow maxx. The exhaust outlet is rectangle shaped instead of round. Does anyone know of a company that makes headers for this engine?
  13. N

    Ez-start 2 on a Trx .15

    What motor mount bolt would you put the ground wire on a nitro stampede?
  14. TJ's toys

    my old traxxas trx .15 t-maxx

    :hey all you t-maxx fans, my dad pulles his old t-maxx .15 out of the garage and the engine didn't work. so i put some money into a new engine and i'm wanting to know how to break it in. ran it once and the steering servo broke, so i'm waiting on that...
  15. A

    Nitro Sport SE with TRX .15

    I'm just wanting to know if their is a 2 speed auto transmission i can put in my sport truck i have the Magnum 281 right now let me know thanks
  16. N

    trx .15

    dose a supercharger make a big diff for the coast of one
  17. TeamLosiNXT

    Fuel Boiling in TRX .15

    In my old nitro sport .15, i have this wierd fuel boiling. When I drive it and I roll it and it stalls out. When I try to restart it it will come on for a sec then cut out. I was tuning it today and went a little too rich and when I let off the throttle it stalled. When I tried to restart it...
  18. X

    TRX .15 Pro Break In...

    Hello everyone, I'm a n00b on R/C Nitro car, I just bought a Traxxas Nitro sport SE. I have a bottle 15% PowerMaster Fuel with 18% syntetic oil , and 3.75L of 10% Cool power green fuel in my garage. Those fuel could be pretty old, but still working on other cars. The question is can I break in...
  19. J

    Sold / Found Wtb trx .15 starter / bulkhead braces/ screw kit.

    Wtb trx .15 starter / bulkhead braces/ front body mnt Hey guys, I need some parts for my Maxx and dont have alot of $$ so I thought I would ask here to see if some one might have some of these parts used lying around that they dont need anymore and would like to get rid of cheap :). I need a...
  20. R

    Sold / Found *FT* 2 TRX .15 Motors

    I have two Traxxas .15 motors with no real use for them. Let me know if you want pictures.